Thousands of packages, blocked in the Canary Post centers

The image, taken on Monday in a center in Las Palmas, shows the cluster of packages. Some cages carry the 'oldest' sign because of their lateness. / C7

The jam goes from Madrid to the Canary Islands, where there are more than 3,000 packages, some pending since December. In Las Palmas the problem is greater

The chaos in the Post Office and that is causing the delay in the delivery of thousands of packages continues five months after
in the middle of Christmas the problem will explode. However, if in December the jam was located in the Post Office depot in Madrid
the current blockade is in the Canary Islands.

As close sources indicate, Madrid "has gotten rid of the problem" and is sending the packages to the islands, so that the control required by Customs on merchandise arriving from third countries is carried out in the archipelago itself.

In the islands the packages accumulate without the staff being able to cope with the barrage of work, since they have to review them manually due to the lack of adequate computer systems. Either they are scanned or packages are opened by hand, something postal inspectors are authorized to do.

It is estimated that there are currently 3,000 packages standing in the centers of the Canary Islands. The problem is greater in the province of Las Palmas (with 2,500 packages stopped than in those of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (it is estimated that there are 500). There is still December merchandise in the warehouse centers without delivering.

Some cages of the post offices of the islands, where up to 200 packages can be accumulated,
they sport handwritten signs with the words 'older' (as the images taken this Monday show), in reference to the merchandise that has been waiting the longest to be delivered.

"We can't handle all of this. We have no capacity. The problem is with Correos, which has not updated the system adequately to review the packages quickly and agilely”,
indicates the worker of a treatment center in Gran Canaria who prefers not to identify himself.

As he explains, there are times when, among so many packages entering the Canary Islands, Correos warns that some have authorization. However, when verifying it "it gives an error" because, although it has passed the control, all the import procedures, such as the Dua, have not been carried out, according to him.

On social networks, users continue to complain of delays or celebrate when a package arrives after months of waiting.

A member of the Facebook group
Autodespacho Canarias: Simplify the customs and import processand which has become the beacon for all users of electronic commerce on the islands in the face of constant difficulties, pointed out this Monday (May 16) that he had received a package that he had purchased on November 4, 2021.

«No more than six months... Better to laugh... What a disaster!!! It was for kings », indicated this Canarian user.

Complaints and claims against Correos continue to increase and the service continues to worsen.
The workers themselves claim to feel overwhelmed in the face of the “barbarity” of demands that come in every day.

Trade union organizations have been warning for months that the
devaluation that Correos is suffering The party in government is part of a strategy to dismantle this public service and privatize it.

“Otherwise it is not explained that they are not taking measures to improve the service or to change the general opinion that Canarian society is beginning to have that the Post Office is a disaster,” indicates the
Secretary of CC OO in Correos, Ángel Cabanillas.

As noted in recent months
several offices have closed customer service in the archipelago. Only in Gran Canaria have the Mesa y López (El Corte Inglés), Sebadal, Monte Lentiscal, the airport and number 5 that was in Miller Bajo disappeared. In the short and medium term, new closures are expected.

«The templates are decimated and overloaded with work. In this way it is impossible to provide a good service, which is what Post Office managers are looking for », he concludes.

Canarian Post Office workers camp to demand solutions

Postal workers in the Canary Islands, backed by the CC OO and UGT unions, have organized a campaign in two of the best-known parks in the two provincial capitals -San Telmo and Plaza de España-

to denounce the deterioration of the public postal service.

In recent years, the Post Office has cut funding for the body and its staff, which has led to poor service throughout Spain and to which citizens suffer.

In the Canary Islands there are currently 2,500 workers (only 5% of them civil servants), of these, 1,380 in the province of Las Palmas. The union organizations estimate that 600 more troops are needed on the islands -300 per province- to provide an optimal service.

The UGT and CC OO unions consider that the devaluation of the Post Office public service responds to a police strategy aimed at its privatization. The representative of CC OO in Correos, Ángel Cabanillas, points out that the workers "are going to prevent it" with all their means.

The mobilizations in the Canary Islands are in line with those that are being held throughout the State and with the same objective: to save the state public service.

During the duration of the encampment in San Telmo and Plaza España, the Post Office workers will carry out a campaign to collect signatures, hand out leaflets and explanatory assemblies with the aim of involving citizens in their struggle.

In addition, for June 1, 2 and 3, a general strike is called at the Post Office to ask that it stop with the "dismantling" of the agency, which the management denies.

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