August 3, 2021

Thousands of indignados bury seven dead of the protests in Gaza

Thousands of indignados bury seven dead of the protests in Gaza

Thousands of outraged mourners buried seven Palestinians who were shot dead yesterday by Israeli soldiers during the protests of the Long March of Return.

The busiest funeral was that of three men from the refugee camps of Nuseirat and Al Bureij.

Hundreds of angry mourners and armed men in masks transported the bodies, wrapped in the Hamas green flag, from the Al Aqsa hospital to their homes for a final farewell.

The companions shouted slogans like "death to Israel" or "the Brigades of Qasam will avenge you".

"Mohamed is the bravest young man I've ever known," Abu Mohamed, a neighbor and friend of the late Mohamed Ismail, 27, told Efe.

"He had the heart of a lion and yesterday he was the only one who managed to get close to the Israeli military post and fought face to face with the soldiers," he said.

"The soldiers shot him 30 bullets," he added.

The funeral of Afifi Afifi, 18, who was shot dead in the head yesterday, was held in Gaza City.

His uncle, Mohamed Afifi, said that the young man "He was killed in cold blood, he was there peacefully, he had no weapons in his hand, the world must see these crimes and punish Israel for them".

The Israeli army reported that some 15,000 demonstrators gathered at different points along the border, and that some threw burning tires, rocks, Molotov cocktails and grenades at the soldiers.

Others climbed to the security fence at a southern point, placed an explosive that exploded and opened a hole "through which about 20 assailants went in. They were immediately detected by the troops who made warning shots," said a military statement.

"Most of the assailants returned to the Gaza Strip, some of them advancing towards a military post, and in response, the soldiers fired at them, the assailants were killed," the statement said.

The demonstrations on the dividing line between Israel and Gaza began more than half a year ago, in which the Palestinian factions mobilized the population to demand the right of return and to protest against almost 12 years of Israeli blockade, and 204 Palestinians have already died, both in the protests themselves and in violent incidents along the border.

In addition, there have been a dozen militants killed in bombings against Islamist targets.

Israel imposed a blockade on Gaza since the Hamas Islamist movement took the government by force in 2007.

Israel considers that Hamas uses the protests to attack its territory and tries to turn the border into a combat zone, "above and below the earth," according to a military statement, referring to the tunnels that the Islamist militias are digging in the direction of Israel.


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