October 22, 2020

Thousands of Guatemalans will challenge the fiercest roller coaster in the isthmus in 2020

Thousands of Guatemalans will challenge during 2020 at the speed of the considered “most impressive roller coaster in Central America”, inaugurated two weeks ago in the Mundo Petapa theme park.

Built in Italy, the El Relámpago roller coaster, which premiered last December 20 in the amusement park of the Institute of Recreation of Workers of the Private Company of Guatemala (Irtra), has received tens of thousands of visitors who have tested its resistance to speed.

A climb of 22 meters high at 90 degrees is the prelude to terror of a 393-meter course of pure adrenaline, with a 180-degree turn included and a series of turns, at an average speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

The sound of the mechanical chain at the beginning of the initial climb feeds the morbidity of curious people who observe their loved ones or strangers uploaded in the 9 seats of each of the three cars that The Lightning has, and that one comes out every Two minutes, approximately.

The line of people begins to accumulate as the morning matures in the Guatemalan park and will soon reach an average of 90 minutes of waiting. The line will extend through the “Plaza Alegría” of the park, where there are other mechanical games such as El Ratón Loroco or the “canoe” Comanche.

The next curious people who will board the seats of El Relámpago observe with the smile towards the sky the 120 seconds of the roller coaster ride.

“It’s something ‘quality’ (great) to get on the game,” says a man after enjoying the game with his wife, while their three children watched them laughing out of the attraction.

A young woman is barely able to say that it was a “good” feeling that she lived in El Relámpago, while a friend interrupts her to ask her to form again, although the line is getting thicker and thicker.

Only this January 1, 11,000 visited Mundo Petapa, more than double that in 2019 when on the same date the park received 4,500 people.

The growth expectation is palpable. According to the park manager, Mynor Foronda Paniagua, this new attraction “unique in Central America” ​​and “the fastest in Guatemala” is a challenge fulfilled by the Irtra, whose objective is “to continue giving fun to Guatemalan families and show that in the country things are done well, “explains Efe Agency.

Foronda estimates that the influx to the park in 2020 will grow by 20 percent as a result of the arrival of El Relámpago, so “probably” it will exceed the 1.3 million people they carried in 2019, mostly Guatemalans.

Mundo Petapa Park and other Irtra destinations in the interior of the country were designed and built by businessman Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, in order to have a recreation space for private initiative employees in the Central American country.

However, anyone, affiliated or not, can access these destinations by paying a fee that varies according to the site or the age of the users.

Since 2010, when Mundo Petapa inaugurated its latest developments (the “Skyscraper”, the “Moto Bala” and a place for children), there was no attraction like El Relámpago, with an investment of 50.5 million quetzales (6.56 million dollars) to focus the desires of adrenaline lovers like now.

“That is why we say in our invitation message to the workers: ‘Go back to dare’, to revitalize the Petapa World and enjoy the magic of Irtra again,” concludes Foronda.

A minute to suffer, bursting with adrenaline and cooling off, before going out into the outside world, every day, in the middle of Petapa Avenue, south of the Guatemalan capital.

Emiliano Castro Sáenz


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