Thousands of euros for Cristiano Ronaldo's NFTs

Thousands of euros for Cristiano Ronaldo's NFTs

The player together with Binance have launched the NFT collection of Cristiano Ronaldowhich went on sale on November 18 and with which they intend to "help more people understand blockchain and show how we are building the infrastructure of Web3 for the sports and entertainment industry."

When announcing their collaboration, Ronaldo indicated that with his NFTs he was trying to give his followers something unique and memorable, since "there is nothing more important than the fans, so the idea of ​​offering unprecedented experiences and access through This platform is something I wanted to be a part of."

The income from the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo's NFTs

Cristiano Ronaldo's NFT collection sold out in a few hours after its launch on Binance, where 5 Super Super Rare and 40 Super Rare NFTs were auctioned, made up of animated designs, with spectacular aspects, of the player's life and career.

These early NFTs were auctioned off for a starting price of about 10,000 euros for Super Super Rares and about 1,700 euros for Super Rareswhich adds a total of 118,000 euros, only for the first auction that had a limit of only 24 hours.

In addition, we must add the launch of another 600 Rares and 6,000 Normals that came out at a price of almost 77 euros each for the Normals and the Rares a little more expensive, since each level of rarity offers the user certain benefits, such as autographs or messages from the player himself.

Therefore, after selling all Cristiano Ronaldo's NFTs earn an income of more than 600,000 euros in the first instance and, most likely, exceed a million. Some impressive amounts for the sale of these designs that, in addition, its cost can be seen in the subsequent market among the users themselves, which could raise its price.