Thousands of Dominicans keep protesting to the shout of "It's pa 'out they go"

Thousands of Dominicans returned to demonstrate this Friday in Santo Domingo, for the sixth day in a row, to demand the resignation of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) for the technical failures that caused the annulment of the municipal elections last Sunday.

"It is pa 'outside that they go", protesters insistently chanted that, dressed in black, swirled in the gardens of the Plaza de la Bandera, in front of the headquarters of the electoral body.

This motto is heard daily in the protests in front of the headquarters of the electoral authority since last Sunday, the day on which the suspension of the elections opened an unprecedented political crisis in the last two decades.

Júnior Santana, a lawyer who "hurts" his country, told Efe that he went to the square for the second time this week because there have been no "clear explanations" about what happened in the elections.

"There have been no clear explanations about what has happened, there have been no concrete explanations on how the money was spent, no explanations have been given as to how much the failed electoral process cost us and they will not give us explanations apparently. "he added.

Protesters, crowded in front of the gates guarded by hundreds of police that separate them from the JCE, shouted fighting slogans like "the united people will never be defeated", while others blew deafening horns or raised posters with slogans against the Government and electoral authorities

Shortly before dusk, protesters raised several Dominican flags on the masts that have been empty for two days, since the military withdrew the national teachings that are always in the square to prevent activists from putting them back at half-mast, like It happened on Wednesday.

The protests have echoed in numerous Dominican cities and also in other countries where numerous emigrants from this Caribbean nation reside, such as the United States and Spain.

In the midst of the protests, the Dominican Government asked the Organization of American States (OAS) on Friday to carry out an investigation of the automated voting teams that failed last Sunday, forcing the suspension of municipal elections.

"The Dominican Government recognizes that in an environment of such mistrust as in which we find ourselves, any investigation carried out without the proper independence of all political actors, including the Government, will generate suspicion and disbelief in both the political parties of opposition as in broad segments of Dominican society, "according to a statement read at the National Palace.

The JCE suspended its general director of Informatics, Miguel Ángel García, on Friday for "prudence" and for the investigation to be done in the "most objective possible" manner.

The ruling party and the opposition have accused each other of having committed sabotage in the voting machines that were first used in the country.

The JCE called for extraordinary municipal elections on March 15 and two months later, on May 17, the presidential and legislative elections will be held.


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