Thousands of Basque retirees ask for better pensions in another massive march | Economy

The first anniversary has been, again, multitudinous. The Basque pensioners, the vanguard of the rest of the Spaniards, have once again manifested massively in the streets of Bilbao to remind all parties and the Socialist Executive, that the establishment of the minimum pension at 1,080 euros and the constitutional shielding of the annual rise based on the CPIIt is not the typical demand of a day. In addition to the concentrations of all the Mondays in front of the Bilbao City Council, the pensioners, a transversal movement, has once again claimed one year after the first mobilization, "just pensions" with immediate character, but also for future generations, who predict a future of poverty if a system that guarantees resources is not consolidated.

This afternoon, many retirees, decimated by the flu, the cold and the rain forecast, have not achieved the figure of 110,000 that they accredited last April 17, 2018, but families of three and even four generations of Basques have joined the call that has been massive since it has left right in front of the headquarters of the Basque employers Confebask with the usual cry of "for fair pensions." It ended shortly after 6.30 pm at the City Hall of Bilbao claiming a state pact that shielded them forever.

"2019 is a key year and we will continue to express ourselves, but adding more and more groups, young people, workers, women. This is everyone's, and the achievements are for everyone. Every day is more important this fight that we are going to maintain yes or yes ", has assured Jon Fano, one of the spokesmen of the movement, minutes before beginning the march, next to the headquarters of the Basque employers' association.

"We left from Confebask because we want to denounce the precarization to which certain business organizations subject large sectors of this society, especially young people and women. And it has to be clear that a decent pension is impossible without a decent salary ", have read the spokespersons of the retirement platforms in the Bilbao City Council.

Retirees have managed to put the issue of pensions on the political agenda with their struggle. In fact, pensions in general have risen by 1.7% in 2018 and will do another 1.6% in 2019. But they have also managed to make minimum pensions by 3% in both years; that the regulatory base for widow's pensions will go to 60% this year, although with limited effect, and that the application of the sustainability factor will be extended until 2023.

"This is a struggle for dignity in the streets," said Andrea Uña. "After a year of fighting for the 1,080 euros to reduce the gender gap, bringing pensions closer to women, especially widows, we will not give up."

On Wednesday, all the retirement platforms of the Basque Country and Navarra met, and they designed a new strategy until May. On the 26th of that month the elections will be held and before the campaign the retirees want to hold a large mobilization in which not only are the pensioners, but also other groups. "It is evident that we are looking for an electoral impact, but we are not mobilized only on election eve, we have been here for a year and we want them to commit, not to make empty proclamations and to bring us closer, at least, to the basic demands that we have raised."


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