Thousands of Basque pensioners ask politicians to meet their demands

Thousands of Basque pensioners ask politicians to meet their demands

Several thousand people have demonstrated again this Saturday in Euskadi, called by the organizations of Basque pensioners, in Bilbao, Vitoria and San Sebastián, to pressure the political parties to meet the demands of the group.

Coinciding with the first weekend of the campaign for the general elections, Basque pensioners have returned to the streets and have shown the importance of their vote.

"We do not want to put a name and a name to vote and who not to vote", but "we are going to make a generic appeal" not to vote for "those parties that are really expressing opposition" to the demands of the pensioners movement and even bet for "cutting pensions", the representative of the Jon Fano collective has pointed out in Bilbao.

In the Biscayan capital, thousands of people, some 10,000, according to the Municipal Police of Bilbao, have marched in a festive and vindictive atmosphere behind a placard in demand of "decent" pensions.

The spokesmen of the movement of pensioners have remembered that the group demands for more of a year that the rise of the CPI to the pensions is guaranteed and that a minimum pension of 1.080 euros is established.

Other demands are the repeal of the sustainability factor that links the amount of benefits to life expectancy, as well as the labor reform.

Also in San Sebastian, thousands of pensioners have taken the streets of the city center this afternoon to demand "decent public pensions".

The demonstrators, some of whom carried signs and purple umbrellas, have asked that no pension be below the 1,080 euros, and have chanted many slogans during their journey.

In Vitoria, the pensioners have manifested themselves in the morning and have asked for the vote for the formations that attend "their just demands", according to the statement read at the end of the march.

One of the spokespersons of the collective, Juan Antonio Armentia, stressed that on April 28 and May 26, when the European elections, regional and municipal, "pensions are played to a large extent."


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