Those vaccinated will not have to quarantine when they are in close contact with a positive

People who have received the complete schedule of the COVID-19 vaccine will not have to be quarantined if they are close contact of a positive case. This has been decided on Tuesday by the Public Health Commission in which the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities participate. The Commission has established that these people pass two pcr tests: one at the beginning and another seven days after the last moment of contact of that confirmed case of COVID-19. Although they should not remain isolated to avoid spreading the virus and infecting them even if they are asymptomatic, the Commission adds that these people will be instructed to use the mask in their social interactions - in addition to being vigilant for possible symptoms. In any case, it is recommended that they do not have contact with vulnerable or unvaccinated people.

Complete as soon as possible to people over 40

In addition to this update in the Early Detection Strategy, those responsible for public health have formally approved vaccination in age groups from 39 to 12 years old. It also gives permission for the uptake of groups to overlap, always in descending order of age "taking into account the greater availability of vaccines, the epidemiological situation and the entry into the summer period."

This revision of the vaccination guidelines insists on the "importance of making the effort to complete the vaccination in persons 40 years of age and older." The group of 40 to 49 began the generalized inoculation last week and some autonomous communities, such as Castilla-La Mancha, have advanced that that of the group between 30-39 will be imminent.


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