March 8, 2021

Those selected in the image of the year of the World Press Photo | Culture

Those selected in the image of the year of the World Press Photo | Culture

An image taken by Catalina Martín Chico, a Franco-Spanish professional resident in Paris, is among the nominees for best photography of the year of the contest World Press Photo of 2019. It shows Yordalis, a former guerrilla of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), pregnant. A fact that stands out because during the 53 years of struggle of this organization forbade having children and she had to abort five times. Since the signing of the 2016 peace agreement with the Colombian government, the gestations skyrocketed. The Dutch foundation that organizes the prestigious graphic journalism awards since 1955 has advanced this Wednesday the names and works of six finalists, chosen from 78,801 images of 4,738 professionals from 129 countries.

The cloud of photographers concentrated at the doors of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul shortly after the disappearance of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi It is another of the selected ones. The Australian firm Chris McGrath for Getty Images. In the following one, the disconsolate crying of Yana, a girl from Honduras, while her mother, Sandra Sánchez, is frisked by a US border policeman in McAllen, Texas. It's by John Moore, based in New York, also for Getty.

In the finalist sextet, the victims of the alleged chemical attack perpetrated in February 2018 Guta Oriental, in a suburb of Damascus, the capital of Syria. They were seen by Mohamed Badra, a Syrian photographer who abandoned his architecture studies because of the war. The last two chosen focus on Africa. In the first, a child suffers due to the desertification of Lake Chad, which is essential for the lives of some 40 million people. Italian Marco Gualazzini captured it for the agency Contrasto. In that of his colleague Brent Stirton, born in South Africa, Petronella Chigumbura appears. She is part of a group of rangers called Akashinga (The Braves) that chases poachers in the Phundundu natural park in Zimbabwe. Made up only of women, the team works with local communities to conserve wildlife. Chigumbura goes camouflaged in a training. The image is from Getty.

The contest rewards graphic journalism in a broad sense. This year he has added two categories: World Press Photo Interactive and World Press Photo Online Video. The winners will be announced on April 11 in Amsterdam.


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