Those affected by iDental request their clinical files to Health – La Provincia

Those affected by iDental request their clinical files to Health - La Provincia

Almost twenty affected by the bad practice of the healthcare company iDental in the Canary Islands He requested a copy of his clinical file yesterday, and it is foreseen that he can be available to patients within a period of two months. This was announced yesterday by the Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government during the first day of presentation of these proceedings. Following this line, 16 applications were registered, 14 of them through the e-mail established for this purpose, and only two in person at the headquarters of the Canary Health Service (SCS), located on Avenida Juan XXIII in the capital Gran Canaria To this figure, it is necessary to add the applications presented in the different health centers of the Islands, which, for the time being, have not been computed.

Sheila Fuentes, a young grancanarian of 29 years, who is among the 16,000 affected in the Canary Islands, decided to ask for a copy of her history through the Internet. "My experience with this clinic has been horrible, I trusted the staff that worked there and they deceived me, I need to have my history to be able to continue my oral treatment at another clinic," Fuentes says.

The young woman attended in September 2015 at the headquarters of the iDental franchise, that was located in the street Venegas number 39, and gave the closing without previous warning the past month of May of the present year. According to Fuentes, the fact of having suffered bulimia caused her to suffer decalcification problem in the teeth which culminated in the need to fill several teeth and carry out a root canal. "The truth is that I also had to undergo an orthodontic treatment and I went to iDental because I made a tempting offer," says the affected.

Also, based on the statements of this patient, "at the beginning, some of the fillings that iDental dentists gave me fell after two or three days eating and I had to go back to the clinic with long hours of waiting In the end, they fixed this problem, but I have to admit that it was very annoying for me, and of course, it's not normal. "

In July 2016 Fuentes started her orthodontic treatment, however, the small number of revisions led her to think that something was not right in that clinic. "Until the month of December they did not make me more revisions, when the habitual thing is to realize them every month", aims the young person. "The worst thing of all," he continues, "is that many times they gave me an appointment with the dentist and they canceled it on the same day." They always made excuses, and even one day they came to ask me not to come to the clinic because my dentist had suffered a traffic accident. "

With regard to the endodontics performed on the patient in the aforementioned franchise, she assures that she has suffered many discomforts, and even to suffer an infection in the affected tooth. "I asked for opinions from other dentists and they all agreed that I should devitalize the piece again if I do not want to lose it, since it has produced a source of infection in the root of the tooth because it has not been done correctly. They have played with my health and with my money", the Mint.

According to Sheila Fuentes, she has already resorted to the judicial way to report the clinic for having committed these bad practices, "but everything works very slowly and it is another of the issues for which I need to have my medical history as soon as possible" , apostille. However, it maintains the hope of being able to recover all the money invested, which translates into a total of 1,392 euros. "The worst thing of all is that now I have to go back to making another important expense, since in iDental they did not do anything to me," she says with indignation, who is also currently in legal unemployment.

However, what worries Fuentes the most are the serious problems he has when it comes to eating food. "My teeth bother me a lot when I chew, and even when I speak, because I have not received the necessary revisions during my orthodontic treatment, which is still ongoing, the material is damaged and it is hurting me a lot," she says. He adds that, "the truth is that I need to remove the device as soon as possible to get an MRI, since I have a herniated disc, and this test is incompatible with the patients we use brackets. I just hope to have the documents as soon as possible and put an end to this, "he says forcefully.


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