October 25, 2020

Those affected by an ERTE should not give their accounts to anyone, it is a scam

Workers affected by a temporary employment regulation (ERTE) file as a result of the state of alarm do not have to send their bank account number to anyone to collect the benefit, as the perpetrators of an attempted message fraud claim to believe. to mobiles.

Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards have already been affected by an ERTE from their company since the measures adopted by the Government to prevent the spread of Covid-19 came into effect. And, with this job panorama well present, many citizens have begun to receive an SMS on their mobile phone in which they apparently offer help in order to receive unemployment benefits.

The SMS ensures whoever receives the message that your company has approved an ERTE and asks for an account number to manage the corresponding provision. A variant of this type of communication is the one that has been detected in Zamora, where telephone calls are made by people who identify themselves as workers of the Public State Employment Service (SEPE).

DATA: In both cases, it is an attempted fraud. When a company applies a temporary employment regulation file, it is the company itself that communicates to the SEPE the personal data of the worker, including his account number, to process the payment of the unemployment benefit to which he is entitled.

As provided in Article 26 of Royal Decree 625/1985, which develops the Unemployment Protection Law, the company is responsible for the payment of partial unemployment benefits “by delegation from the National Employment Institute” (the current SEPE) except if This institution assumes direct payment or as determined by the labor authority “when the economic situation of the company advises it”.

Given the scope of these massive sending of messages, both the Ministry of Labor (through SEPE) and the unions and even some municipalities have already alerted citizens through their official accounts on social networks about the scam attempts that are being carried out. hide behind SMS.

“Do not answer, it is an attempt at fraud! It is the companies that communicate all the data to us,” warns SEPE on Twitter before advising the victims of this deception to report it at [email protected]ía.es.

UGT also warns of fraud so that “no one answers these messages” and CCOO details the actual procedure: “The company communicates to the SEPE the list of people affected by the ERTE and the worker’s current account number. The SEPE will directly make the steps to register the worker and pay the benefit “.

In the case of telephone conversations, it has been the Government Subdelegation in Zamora that has alerted this Thursday of possible fraud and data theft suffered by those who have answered the calls of those posing as SEPE workers to ask them account number and other personal data.


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