Thomas Cook workers in Palma: "We have not been told anything, we are distressed" - La Provincia

"They haven't told us anything, not an email, not a statement, not an assembly, we have come to work normally,but we are distressed", a boy and a girl, employees of the multinational have manifested at the doors of the tour operator's large building in Palma de Mallorca.

In the headquarters the normality reigns, broken by the presence of a few journalists, the bicycles of the employees are parked in its resevado and the area is full of cars.

The workers have explained that they feared bankruptcy would occur, but the contest has taken them by surprise. "It has been all of a sudden and we don't know anything."

The hotelier has also moved to Thomas CookBorja Nicolauto be interested in the future of a group of tourists that have lodged in their establishments. "They haven't told me anything,I have not been sent an official notification about what to do with these clients.At the moment I don't take anyone out of the hotel. I know from the press that Condor is still working and Thomas Cook Germany also operates, "Nicolau explained.

Employees are afraidNot to collect your salary this month for the crisis:"We have to charge on the 27th and now we don't know what will happen."

The hope of the workers is that they are hired by a company other than the tour operator and do not know if that company is affected by the competition.


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