Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

This would be the future housing on Mars

This would be the future housing on Mars

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The teams competing in NASA's '3D-Printed Habitat Challenge' completed the last level of the competition: full virtual construction, and the first three won a share of the $ 100,000 prize.

This stage required that the teams create a large-scale habitat design, using modeling software. This level was built on an earlier stage that also required virtual modeling.

Eleven proposals were scored and points were awarded according to the architectural design, the programming, the efficient use of interior space and the scalability of 3D printing and the capacity of habitat construction. The teams also prepared short videos that provided information about their designs, as well as miniature models printed in 3D that separated to show the interior design. As well Points were awarded for aesthetic representation and realism. After the evaluation by a panel of judges, NASA and its partner in this contest, the Bradley University of Peoria, Illinois, decided the three finalists.

Team SEArch + / Apis Cor, of New York was in first place. The unique shape of its habitat (image above) allows a continuous reinforcement of the structure. Light enters through channel-shaped ports on the sides and top, according to NASA.

The Team Zopherus of Arkansas was in second place. The design of the equipment would be built by an autonomous traveling printer that prints a structure and then moves to the next site.

Finally, the Team Mars Incubator, of Connecticut, was in third With a design that represents a modular aspect of space housing and allows a large amount of natural light.

The contest will culminate with a subscale structure printed face to face from May 1 to 4, 2019 and the delivery of a prize of 800,000 euros to the winner.


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