Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

This will be the shirt of Barça with which he will play the big games

Así será la camiseta del Barça con la que jugará los grandes partidos

The Barcelona will break the next season with a tradition that had remained so far above the commercial and marketing demands of the commercial firm that saw the team azulgrana. Play at the Santiago Bernabeu with his first Barça shirt.

Barça will play the great games of the season, including that of the field of the eternal rival, with a yellow shirt with the four bars of the senyera crossed, as revealed by the Sport newspaper on Saturday.

Barcelona will play in the Bernabeu with a shirt with the four bars of the Catalan flag crossed

The azulgranas, therefore, will play yellow against the white of Real Madrid with what will be the fourth shirt of the team next season. Barcelona already played yellow in the 2014 season and the main modification for next year will be the provision of the four bars in the zamarra.

This innovation is added to the already in itself revolutionary first team shirt, to squares similar to the one of the selection of Croatia, although maintaining the blue one and grana. The shirt will not have any vertical stripe for the first time and the connoisseurs say that it will be a huge sales success.

The azulgranas already wore a yellow shirt in 2014

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