This will be the security of the Barcelona-Real Madrid Classic: Mossos against the invasion

A Coordination Center (CECOR), with the presence of representatives of the Mossos D'Esquadra, Civil Guard and National Police Corps, will be active from Tuesday to resolve any public or other problems that may arise around the party Tomorrow's football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, according to LA RAZÓN, knowledgeable sources of the mounted device.

Controls of the three police bodies met yesterday to finalize the details of the deployment that will be organized in order to avoid incidents, both inside and outside the Nou Camp. In the session, it was clear that the bulk of the deployment will correspond to the Mossos, who will put on the street all the elements available to maintain public order, ensure that the teams and the referees arrive without problems to the stadium and, after the match, can take a return trip, in the case of the white team.

Tsunami Democratic has made a great publicity effort in the last hours to organize a rally around the Camp Nou. The intention is to keep them at a sufficient distance so that at no time they can hinder the arrival of the equipment and the people who, provided with the corresponding entrances or passes, can access the interior of the sports venue.

The objective of this separatist organization, whose training and promoters investigate the Security Forces by order of the National Court, is to take advantage of the media's "pull" of the party and make their separatist claims visible and in favor of the prisoners of the "procés".

The calls made by Tsunami (which has made it clear that his plans are not to cause the suspension of the party) do not have the virulence of those he made during the serious riots of a few weeks ago. The tone is different.

However, the experts, with concern about what may happen around the stadium, are concerned that someone tries to cause incidents inside the stadium, in the prolegomena, at rest and, what seems more unlikely, during the celebration of the match

A contingent of 700 mossos, dressed in civilian clothes, will be seated among the public, in strategic places, to avoid any attempt to invade the countryside or other type of alteration. In addition, Barcelona has communicated to those who will be part of CECOR that it will considerably strengthen the private security it deploys in parties considered high risk. Agents of the Mossos, in uniform, as usual, will also be inside the sports venue.

An invasion of the field would cause that, in his case, it could not be initiated or that the referee decreed the immediate suspension, with the consequent sanction for the Barcelona players, who marched tied in the head with the Madrid club.

At yesterday's meeting, the missions that each body were distributed.

The Police and, if necessary, the Civil Guard, will remain in expectation in case at any time the regional body requires its presence to reinforce the security device.

In total, about 1,000 Mossos will be responsible for ensuring there are no incidents. The device, added the private security of the club, will be about 3,000 agents.

Days past, Interior Ministry officials stressed that action will be taken without delay in the event of any eventuality. They pointed out that a safety cord will be established from early morning, with filters and controls, which will guarantee access to the game of the players and referees. And the second will focus on public access and the normal development of the party.

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