Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

This will be the order of action for the Eurovision 2019 semifinals

Así será el orden de actuación para las semifinales de Eurovisión 2019

In little more than a month, we will be able to see on the stage of the Convention Center of Tel Aviv to the 42 European participants to sing their songs for the LXIV Festival of Eurovision. The 2019 edition, represented by Miki Núñez with The band, puts the Spanish as one of the bottoms in terms of the favorites of the contest. However, as always happens in these cases, the order of action It is paramount since it may or may not favor the representative.

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In this way, the organization has just announced the order for semifinals which will be divided into two days, on May 14 and 16. Cyprus will open the round of performances and Azerbaijan will conclude them.


(David Oller / EP)

After these two screens, the votes will decide which twenty countries will accompany the call Big Five next to the hostess Israel, who are already qualified for the final phase of the contest. All of them will perform in the grand finale on May 18 on the same stage as Tel Aviv. Yes, as stipulated by the KAN chain last March, Israel already has its assigned position. Its about number 14 for the final. For the rest, it will be known on Friday 17.

For the moment, what we do know thanks to KAN is the order of the countries that will act in the two semifinals. The chain has stipulated the following order distributed between May 14 and 16. Cyprus, that last year gave the blow with Fire by Eleni Foureira, will be the first to take the stage with his
Replay of Tamta and Azerbaijan with Chingiz and his Truth
in the last place.

Semifinal 1 (May 14)

1. Cyprus

2. Montenegro

3. Finland

4. Poland

5. Slovenia

6. Czech Republic

7. Hungary

8. Belarus

9. Serbia

10. Belgium

11. Georgia

12. Australia

13. Iceland

14. Estonia

15. Portugal

16. Greece

17. San Marino

Semifinal 2 (May 16)

1. Armenia

2. Ireland

3. Moldova

4. Switzerland

5. Latvia

6. Romania

7. Denmark

8. Sweden

9. Austria

10. Croatia

11. Malta

12. Lithuania

13. Russia

14. Albania

15. Norway

16. The Netherlands

17. Northern Macedonia

18. Azerbaijan

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