This will be the mechanics of the ‘Benidorm fest’, RTVE’s preselection for Eurovision 2022

Ruth Lorenzo in her performance at the announcement of the 'Benidorm Fest 2022'.

Ruth Lorenzo in the performance she did at the announcement of the ‘Benidorm Fest 2022’.

RTVE reveals more details about the ‘Benidorm Fest’, the contest in which the Spanish candidacy will be chosen for the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. After Eva Mora’s visit to ‘Better with you’, the corporation made public the mechanics of this election process, which will consist of four different phases.

In the first, Those interested can register on the RTVE website and fill out a form; or they may be invited directly by RTVE. Performers / authors of recognized prestige from the current music scene will be proposed in this way to submit proposals to the selection process. RTVE may also propose to renowned artists the interpretation of songs presented via the web. The term of this phase will last for one month, from September 29 to October 29, both included.

In the second phase, the evaluation of the proposals will take place. For it, RTVE will constitute a jury that may be made up of professionals from RTVE and the music industry. They will be in charge of selecting a maximum of 12 participants and six alternates. Of the 12 proposals, a minimum of two will be chosen from those received through the web.

Gender parity, the combination of big names with small discoveries, the variety of styles and the open door to new music will be the main criteria by which the jury will be governed, which will make its decision public between the months of November and December.

National and international music professionals, a televote and a demoscopic panel will elect the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2022

Phases 3 and 4 of the process will take place in Benidorm. At the end of next January, the ‘Benidorm Fest 2022 ‘, a festival that will host the last two phases of the process: two semifinals and a grand final which will be broadcast live on RTVE. Six semi-finalists will participate in each of them, but only the three with the most votes from each semifinal will qualify for the final.

The winner will be chosen by vote: 50% professional jury (60% national, 40% international); and 50% public (25% televoting, 25% composed of a sample of the Spanish population selected through statistical and demographic rules). A criterion, used in festivals such as Sanremo or Melodifestivalen, which will ensure that the final result reflects the tastes of the majority of Spaniards as closely as possible.

The requirements to participate in the ‘Benidorm fest’, RTVE’s preselection for Eurovision 2022

To be more exact, in the bases published this Wednesday, RTVE establishes that authors / composers and / or performers or groups can participate in this contest; over 16 years old as of May 1, 2022; Spanish nationality or permanent residence in Spain and at least 50% of the participants in the case of being a group.

The composers may submit a single song as main authors, and a maximum of two additional authors as authors; while the Performers can only introduce themselves by performing a theme. Authors will be able to suggest an interpreter associated with their song. Those who take part in contests to represent another country in Eurovision will not be able to participate.

The songs, of a minimum duration of 2 minutes 30 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes, must be original and not have been published, performed or distributed, in whole or in part, before September 1, 2021, a date also established in the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest. What’s more, must include lyrics in Spanish and / or co-official languages ​​of Spain. Likewise, topics with snippets in foreign languages, as long as they do not exceed 35% of the letter in that language.

On the other hand, the participant must also commit to save due confidentiality and not to communicate or publish the song without authorization from RTVE (included in social networks) until, in your case, your participation is totally ruled out.

‘Benidorm Fest’, a preselection for Eurovision that was born in July

It should be remembered that RTVE announced last July the celebration in Benidorm of the selection of the representative of Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, following an agreement with the Generalitat Valenciana and the Benidorm City Council; and the creation of a working group in charge of designing and promoting the participation of Spain in the European pageant in the coming years.

This aforementioned working group -which depends directly on the Director of General Contents of RTVE, Amalia Martínez de Velasco, and that is coordinated by Ana Maria Bordas, Director of Originals of RTVE- is made up of Eva Mora, Head of the Eurovision Song Contest; Maria Eizaguirre, Director of Communication and Participation of RTVE; Esteban Calle, from Marketing RTVE; Cesar Vallejo, responsible for Digital Documentary and special envoy in six editions of the festival; Irene Mahía, Coordinator of Current Content of Playz and special sent to Eurovision in six editions; Fernando Macias, from RTVE Play, coordinator of the Eurovision website at RTVE and special envoy since 2018; Javier Garcia, a journalist from Informativos de RTVE; Jordi Vives, producer of musical programs; Julia Varela, Eurovision commentator since 2015 and director and presenter of ‘Tarde lo que tard’, on RNE; and the specialists of Radio 3 Virginia Diaz (‘180 degrees’, ‘Cachitos’ in La 2) and Julio Ródenas (‘Turbo 3’).


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