This Wednesday there will be unusually high temperatures in areas of the south and northeast of Spain

This Wednesday, the maximum temperatures will exceed 35 degrees in the Guadalquivir valley and it is not ruled out that they will also do so in other areas of the southern peninsula, as well as in the middle Ebro valley, according to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet). ).

The maximum will rise throughout Spain except for the north of Galicia and the west of Asturias, while the minimum will have a similar behavior.

Clear skies or high clouds will prevail in almost all of Spain, except for the abundant cloudiness in Galicia and some stormy showers in mountainous areas, especially in the Cantabrian mountain range, the Pyrenees, the eastern Iberian and the mountains of the southeast.

In the Canary Islands, intervals of low clouds are expected and, on the Mediterranean coast, possible fog early in the morning that may also appear in the interior of Galicia, the upper Ebro and the eastern Pyrenees, with probable haze around the Alborán that could extend to the southern half of the peninsula.

Variable light wind in most of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, which will shift to the west in the Bay of Biscay and tending to a southerly component in the rest, with little intense lift in the Strait and trade winds in the Canary Islands.

Prediction by communities

Galicia: Cloudy day with occasional showers of weak intensity to the west of La Coruña that can spread to the rest of the western half, without ruling out morning mists and fogs in the interior, especially in the southwest and north of Lugo; the minimum temperatures drop in the northwest quadrant while the maximum temperatures rise only in the southwest; light wind from the south and southwest that will turn north at the end of the day. Asturias: Cloudy intervals with occasional storms, especially in the western half and the interior of the Principality; minimum temperatures with few changes and maximum temperatures in decline in the northern half; the wind will be weak variable although it will tend to the west and northwest on the coast in the central hours of the day. Cantabria: The intervals of clouds will tend to cover the entire sky at the last minute, without ruling out a shower or mist and fog at the end of the day; the maximum temperatures will rise except in the northwest while the minimum temperatures will experience little change; wind from the east that will shift sharply to the west with greater intensity on the coast and, in the rest, loose from the south tending to the northwest. Basque Country: The high clouds of evolution will give way to other lower ones that will cover the region at the end of the day, with probable fog and mist in high areas at the last minute and without ruling out a shower; the maximum temperatures rise but the minimums continue without major changes; wind from the northeast that will turn sharply to the west, temporarily strong, on the coast and weak from the south tending to the northwest in the rest. Castilla y León: Generally clear with some high clouds and, in the afternoon, cloudiness of evolution without ruling out some scattered showers in the mountainous north; the thermometers, on the rise, although it will be light with regard to the minimum; variable light wind with a tendency to the southwest. Navarra: Covered with intervals of high clouds in the morning and low in the afternoon, including fog and mist at the last minute and some probable occasional stormy showers; Rising maximum temperatures and almost unchanged minimum and variable light wind with a predominance of a southern component in central hours that will turn north and northwest in the afternoon with moderate intervals. La Rioja: Generally slightly cloudy, although the possibility of an isolated shower is not completely ruled out; thermometers on the rise, especially the maximum temperatures, and wind from the southwest in the Ibérica that will be loose from the southeast or variable in the valley. Aragón: Cloudiness of diurnal evolution from noon, preferably in mountain areas, without ruling out some stormy showers in the Pyrenees and isolated in the eastern mountains of Teruel; Rising thermometers with unusually high temperatures for the time of year and weak winds from the south and southeast, which in the afternoon will be moderate in the Ebro depression and the south of the Iberian System. Catalonia: Cloudiness with daytime evolution starting at noon in the interior of the northern third with stormy showers in the Pyrenees which, in the eastern sector of the mountain range and in the Pre-Pyrenees of Barcelona, ​​will be stronger and could affect nearby areas weaker and scattered; thermometers rise and, in the case of maximum temperatures, they will be unusually high, especially in inland areas; wind from the south and southeast loose, with intervals of moderate in the interior of the southern half in the afternoon. Extremadura: Generally clear, although there will be some high clouds and the presence of haze in the southeast is not ruled out; rising temperatures, which will be light in the case of the minimum; wind from the west and southwest, loose in general. Community of Madrid: Intervals of high clouds and evolution in the southeast, in the afternoon, without ruling out the presence of haze in the second half of the day; rising temperatures that will be light or unchanged from the minimum except in the Sierra; Variable light wind tending to the south and southwest during the central hours. Castilla La Mancha: Intervals of high clouds and, from noon, also daytime evolution, especially in the eastern half, without ruling out some isolated showers in the Iberian System and in the Sierra de Alcaraz and even haze in the second half of the day; temperatures rise, especially in the case of the maximum in the north of Toledo, while the wind will be weak, variable, tending in the morning to a southern component with more intense intervals from midday. Comunitat Valenciana: Cloudiness of diurnal evolution from noon in the interior of the northern half, without ruling out some occasional stormy scattered showers and without ruling out afternoon haze in high areas; the minimum temperatures rise and the maximum temperatures remain with few changes; variable loose wind, which will tend to east and southeast from noon. Murcia: Morning mists on the coast with possible haze and intervals of high cloudiness and evolution in the mountains, without ruling out showers in the northwest, which could be muddy; the thermometers will not register great changes and the wind will be weak variable, tending to the east component on the coast. Balearic Islands: Little cloudy or clear, even with mist and fog early in the morning; thermometers with few changes and light or calm wind, with evening coastal breezes. Andalusia: Intervals of medium and high clouds and daytime cloudiness in the mountains, without ruling out showers in the eastern mountains that may be accompanied by some storms with mud and possible haze, although in general it will be clear; rising temperatures except for the maximum in Malaga, Cadiz and the Huelva coast; loose variable wind, which will tend to lift on the Mediterranean slope and southwest on the Atlantic slope and Levante in the Strait. Canary Islands: Cloudy in the north of the islands of greater relief, although there will be clear in central hours and it will tend to cloudy in the afternoon in the western islands with occasional drizzles while in the rest it will be clearer; temperatures with few changes, except for some slight rise in the minimum, and a light to moderate northeast wind in the western islands that will be from the north moderate in the eastern ones.

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