this was the whistle, the scourge and the cries of “resignation, resignation”

Before the start of the match with Eibar, the fans of the Barça team protested against the president

The beginning of Barcelona-Eibar was delayed due to communication problems with the VAR and the Camp Nou handed down a ruling. When the president arrived at the box he was received with a loud whistle, and then the white handkerchiefs appeared. Something like this is not remembered in the Barcelona stadium since the time of Joan Gaspart as president. But the thing was not there: while the players continued with the warm-up waiting to start the match, a majority of the fans shouted: “Resignation, Resignation.”

Josep Maria Bartomeu has been in a delicate situation since 2020 began: the poor management of the Valverde exit, the poor planning of signings, especially in the winter market; the Messi-Abidal war and, above all, the scandal of social networks that got into players and were hired by the club through another company, have triggered the events. The elections in the club are scheduled for the summer of 2021, but it is not ruled out that they will advance this summer.


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