this was the Trump-Biden debate

The last presidential debate of 2020 has not been torture for those of us who have stayed to watch it and that is already something. Unlike the first, we have even been able to understand the moderator and the two candidates most of the time. He has been more polite, but he has also reminded us that to lie without stopping you don’t have to raise your voice: the verifiers have had a lot of work tonight.

If Trump’s goal was to appear more “presidential” to win back some undecided, he has almost certainly succeeded. If Biden’s goal was not to make big mistakes now that he’s ahead, he’s probably done it too. It is not a debate for history, it has been more like a draw, but still it has left us great moments.

Trump has learned nothing from the coronavirus

The president says that the country is “turning the corner” of the pandemic, but today 71,000 new cases have been declared, a figure that is increasing and is already approaching the July record. He has talked about having a vaccine “in weeks” when he doesn’t, and has also falsely accused the nation’s top epidemiologist of being a Democrat. Trump says “we are learning to live with him” with a disease that has landed him in the hospital and killed 230,000 Americans.

For obvious reasons the coronavirus bloc was going to be difficult for Trump and Biden’s response “We are learning to die with him” will be one of the phrases of the debate. However, the president has been better talking about the economic consequences of the coronavirus and saying that his rival wanted to shut down the economy again. There are votes there.

We haven’t learned anything about Joe Biden’s son

The most anticipated moment of the debate was seeing how Biden responded to the corruption allegations against his son Hunter and himself. It is true that the revelations that the New York Post has made about him are quite sensational, but the doubts that he has raised even in the FBI itself have taken his bellows. The only thing that has clarified the debate is Trump repeating the accusations and Biden answering that everything is a lie.

The intelligence of immigrants and “well cared for” children

When you decide to separate hundreds of children from their parents and then are unable to put them back together, it is difficult to come up with a good explanation. The US Government declares unable to find 545 parents because he has deported a few, but his children are still in the US. Trump’s argument that “They are well cared for” Although they have practically orphaned them, it does not seem very up to the task.

Nor has he been very fine when he has said that only 1% of irregular immigrants appear when they are summoned to court (there are more than 65) and even less when he has declared that those who do appear are those who have “Lowest IQ”.

Is a debate good for anything?

Probably not. At this stage barely 5% of voters declare themselves “undecided” and experts tell us that most of them will actually abstain. Even if you have seen the debate, it is also not very clear that it is useful. More than 60% of Americans They say that debates are “useful” to decide the vote, but different investigations show that in fact sThe effect of tilting the vote to one side or the other is minimal.


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