Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

This was the most tense face-to-face moment between Colau and Valls in 'Salvados'

Así fue el momento más tenso entre Ada Colau y Manuel Valls en ‘Salvados’

Ada Colau Y Manuel Valls they were the protagonists of the last
. Both candidates to town hall of Barcelona they discussed with Jordi Évole on several of the issues that may be key in the next municipal elections. The most tense moment of the program was lived when both became entangled in a tense discussion.

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Everything began with a possible "sanitary cordon to the extreme right", in clear reference to Vox. Colau took advantage of that moment to reproach the former French Prime Minister that Ciudadanos attend a demonstration called with the party of Santiago Abascal, adding that it is a "unconstitutional" party because it wants to violate "the rights of the whole world".



Manuel Valls defended himself by making it clear that he has "a commitment against racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and violence against women." The candidate for mayor of Barcelona added that one should not "leave the country in the hands of the extreme right or in the hands of separatists or populists"

From that moment the discussion rose the tone and Valls lashed out against Pablo Iglesias for having "a speech against the elites". The reproaches continued when he pointed to the mayor who followed that same speech without knowing what they are. Colau did not hesitate a second to answer thatabe what the elites are because they have "confronted them".

'Saved': Valls attacked Colau remembering that he belongs to the elite as mayor

'Saved': Valls attacked Colau remembering that he belongs to the elite as mayor

While Évole tried to put order between the two protagonists, there was a new attack: "You are the first person of the elites who is mayor in Barcelona". The candidate supported by Albert Rivera denied being the candidate of the economic power after the question of the journalist of Saved, He did not want to let the guest avoid that matter.

Far from settling the issue, Manuel Valls again charged against the leader of Podemos for defending a speech before his voters and for having a completely different behavior for his "little house", As he defined his controversial chalet in the mountains of Madrid. You can see the most tense face-to-face moment of the two mayoral candidates in the following video.

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