This was the fall of Conrado Domínguez

This was the fall of Conrado Domínguez

Until the last minute, Conrado Domínguez tried to prevent his fall from the horse of power from taking place. And until the last moment, those who supported him to date also tried, maintaining that the Masks case was a trifle.

In fact, the resignation letter
he signed it when he was already informed that his dismissal was going to the Governing Council. The meeting of the same was scheduled for 1:30 p.m. this Thursday in Santa Cruz de Tenerife but its start was delayed almost two hours precisely because some reaction from Domínguez was expected.

Did he know in advance that his continuity at the head of the Canary Health Service was impossible? Yes.
On Wednesday night, Conrado Domínguez went to bed knowing that he no longer had the key support: that of the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands. But he made one last mistake: he shared that information with more than one person.

The delay in the start of that session of the Council was not exclusively to wait to see if Conrado Domínguez resigned, but because those who always denied the greater part of the Mascarillas case moved to see if they avoided the dismissal.

The Masks case, on six covers

The dark side

But did Domínguez have so much influence? To answer, we must go back to his arrival at Health, a position he held
being advisor José Manuel Baltar, with Fernando Clavijo (Canarian Coalition) as president of the government. At that time, Conrado Domínguez took a step that many in the PSOE did not understand: for them, it was as if Domínguez, who had been a high-ranking official in the capital's City Council during Jerónimo Saavedra's time as mayor, had crossed a point of no return. or he would have allied himself with the dark side of the Force.

The PSOE had left the Government and a councilor arrived at Health who promised that
putting money in the sector of private clinics the waiting list was resolvedand there was Conrado Domínguez as director of the SCS, the body with the largest budget in the Autonomous Community.

With this background, the pandemic and the state of alarm arrive. It is March 2020 and the disagreements in the Government with the Minister of Health,
Theresa Cruzand his team were frequent, including in those clashes
Blanca Mendez, then director of the SCS. With hospital beds beginning to fill with covid patients, Cruz even affirmed at a government meeting with the health world that the regional department has sufficient capacity, with its hospitals, to deal with the crisis.

For many in the PSOE, Domínguez allied himself with the dark side of the Force by leading the SCS with Clavijo as president.

is then created
the emergency committee and Conrado Domíngue is included in itzwho in 2019 had been appointed by Sebastián Franquis as technical general secretary of the Ministry of Public Works (another step that a sector of the PSOE never understood or shared).

The coexistence between Domínguez and the Health team resulted in
the abrupt departure of Teresa Cruz and Blanca Méndez. In the midst of a pandemic, the Health team was headless and an interim was chosen whose visible heads were Antonio Olivera in the SCS and Julio Pérez as counselor. Finally, Conrado Domínguez returned as director of the Canarian Health Service in September 2020, after the very brief period of Alberto Pazos in office and with Blas Trujillo in office.

It was in that March 2020 when Domínguez made contact with RR7 and
It was in May when the SCS signed the contract for the purchase of one million masksupon payment of 4 million euros, with a company with no experience in the sector.

In his second stage at the SCS, Domínguez not only faces the pandemic but also puts a certain peace in Health, especially in the union world. Another thing is the resolution of pending issues, such as the shortcomings in the Maternal-Infant or the collapses in the Insular Hospital.

Who is who in the Masks case?

The outbreak of the case

And May of this year arrives. When
this newspaper reveals the case Masks, Domínguez's phone rings insistently. They ask the government for explanations because
not even in the Presidency had they been informed. At least two meetings were held at the highest level in which he maintained that he did not know the administrator of the RR7 company and that he acted in the general interest, at a very critical moment and with regulations that allowed express hiring. The truth is that the PSOE bought that version, and it did so much that the party worked hard to knock down, in an unprecedented milestone, the Audiencia de Cuentas report that warned of irregularities.

However, the machinery of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor was already working:
Samuel Machín's messages reflected a tone of 'compadreo' with Conrado Domínguez that began to raise suspicions within the ranks of the party, while its defenders maintained that there was no case and that, to make matters worse, the one who fueled the matter was Nueva Canarias in a kind of settling of scores within the Pact of the Flowers .

Conrado Domínguez went first to the prosecutor and then to the court and maintained the same thesis: he did not negotiate with Rayco Rubén González, he did not participate in the details of the contract or in the attempt to 'reactivate' it once it had expired. The initial silence from the owner of RR7 served him well, but the house of cards came crashing down last Thursday, when
Rayco Rubén González broke his silence before the judge and the personal parts.

Then the veil fell and the beginning of the political end of Conrado Domínguez began to be written. To begin with, because, as a prominent member of the Socialist Party underlined this week, an investigator has the right not to answer and even not to tell the truth, but a public official cannot enter that game. And even less telling the president something that is not... not even a half-truth.

Thus, the fall of Domínguez does not occur because the presumption of innocence has ended, but because he broke the presumption of truth that was claimed in office. What happens with the instruction will be seen.