Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

This was Ronaldinho’s dinner in prison for his birthday

The former Barcelona footballer celebrated his 40th anniversary in the Paraguayan prison

Former FC Barcelona player and Brazilian international Ronaldinho de Assis Moreira turned 40 incarcerated in the ‘Agrupación Especializada’ in Asunción (Paraguay) and is distracted playing futsal, according to the head of inmates. “Okay, he doesn’t complain about anything and is comfortable with others. They treat you very well, without inconvenience“The police chief said in statements to the Brazilian newspaper O Globo. Ronaldinho spends hours playing futsal, playing tournaments with the rest of the inmates. For his birthday he had a barbecue and ate a cake.

The former player of FC Barcelona, ​​PSG and AC Milan, among other clubs, was arrested on March 5 for having entered Paraguay with a false passport, a country he attended for solidarity events of the ‘Angelic Fraternity’ foundation. Ronaldinho, who traveled with his brother Roberto, was detained for the second time after spending the night in the Asunción prison, and the attorney general did not hesitate to order his arrest. “We are facing a serious punishable act because it violated the interests of the Republic of Paraguay ”Clara Ruiz indicated to the media.

The former Brazilian player, who covered his hands with a blanket so that the handcuffs were not seen at the time of the arrest, “meets all the requirements” to remain in prison awaiting the trial, which he was already preparing with his lawyers. “There is a danger of flight, he has no roots in the country, he entered illegally and is staying illegally. That is why the court considered that he remains in jail, “added the judge two weeks ago, before he ordered preventive detention for” Ronie. ” Because of the coronavirus health emergency, the prison where Ronaldinho remains has reduced visits and the former Brazilian player – Ballon d’Or in 2004 and 2005 – only has contact with his lawyers, according to the digital version of the Brazilian newspaper.

Several players and former teammates of Ronaldinho congratulated the Brazilian through social networks. It was the case of Carles Puyol: “Congratulations, Ronaldinho, a lot of strength in these difficult times, I hope that everything returns to normal soon. A big hug ”, the ex-Barça wrote on his Instagram account. Another of those who congratulated ie Ronie ’was the Real Madrid player Vinicius Junior, who did not share a dressing room with him because of his age, but acknowledges that it was his“ idol ”of youth. “From the best I saw, thanks for your magic. I never get tired of watching his videos ”, wrote his compatriot from Real Madrid.

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