Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

"This time I go to the essence of power, silent and dark"

Many times he thought his dream of bringing to the screen Jimmy Hoffa: Case Closed , the book of Charles Brandt on which it is based the Irish
, was never going to materialize. Above all, when after spending years trying to carry out the project that would bring together Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci, the three were already too old to play the characters in their youth. But nevertheless, Netflix and ILM They helped him achieve it. The streaming company put the small fortune needed to finance it and that of special effects, led by the Argentine Pablo Helman, the technology to rejuvenate the trio in some essential scenes. Big bet. Today Martin Scorsese, 76, is already designated as the favorite to take the Oscar for the second time to the best director.

Is the Irish a very personal movie?

Yes, I think that the age and the accumulation of experience, the changes in my life and the people who have left, influences the look I have today. What I show is a reflection of life. In the end, Frank tells the nurse that she won't know what it means to have time until she reaches her age. And she tells him to shut up, he's taking his pulse. And that is what happens to many people. There is no way he can tell the nurse or the priest what really happens to him. Is the priest listening to you? I am not saying that Frank should be forgiven for everything he did, but there are reasons why people behave the way they do. I thought this story allows us to think about this kind of thing.

Unlike his other gangster films, there is no glamor here.

I was interested in seeing how power really works, which is silent and dark. So are the dark forces of history. You never know who has done it. We don't know who killed John F. Kennedy, nor who killed his brother Bobby, and if we knew, would it make a difference today? It is something we do not know, which is beyond our reach, but here we see how these things are done. In my childhood and adolescence I heard this type of conversation. I saw body language and understood that something strong was happening. I'm not talking about presidents, but about things that happened in a corner or in a bar. One knew who did not have to approach, who had to show respect and keep distance. I also saw the fear that this generated in my parents, who worked in the textile industry and had to continue their lives in our neighborhood. That's why I felt that this time I had to go to the essence of things. And the essence is two or three people sitting in a bar or in a car. They don't even need to say what they are going to do, because everything goes through a look. This movie does not say that Jimmy Hoffa was killed in this way, but we can infer that it was what happened to him, because of the dialogues, the discussions that were there, and because he was right, it was his union, but he got into the wrong people. And underestimated the adversary.

There is also a very strong element of nostalgia …

It is true. Even when nostalgia can be very superficial. But I think the nostalgia that is present in the movie has to do with me, with Bob, with Al and with Joe. If there is nostalgia, it is for us. It was like being in family. My mother used to act in those first movies. In a way it was like bringing people together at the end of their lives, to share moments. It was a blessing to be able to create something like this all together.

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