March 5, 2021

This takes Treasury thanks to the Christmas Lottery, Christmas Bundle 2018

In the absence of less than two months for theExtraordinary Christmas Raffle, many people who have already acquired the first tenths of lottery have begun to dream that they touch the? Gordo? on December 22. Someone may have left ready until the champagne with which will celebrate that moment in which one of the children or girls of San Ildefonso sings the number of your ticket. However, what probably has not crossed his mind is stillwhat amount is going to be Treasury of the prize.

Not in vain, in January of the year 2013, it was established that the highest prizes of the Christmas Lottery, that is to saythose that exceed the sum of 2,500 euros, have a 20% withholding. The Ministry of Finance considered at the time this measure as "fair", since it has the objective of reducing the number of frauds that are made to launder money through the lottery draw navideo.

Despite this, the lottery player does not have to worry about how to declare this prize. Once the money is collected in any lottery administration, the amount corresponding to the Treasury is automatically deducted. In this way, a person who has been the winner of the Lottery will only have to pay if he makes an investment with the prize and it is beneficial for him, increasing his patrimony.

So, if you want to calculate what part of what you have won will go to the Tax Agency, in the first place, you must subtract the prize money 2,500 euros, sincethis amount does not tax the Treasury. Then, you must apply the 20% that is retained to the profit figure that remains after doing the previous subtraction.

In this way,the actual amount that one can earn for the first five prizesthat are raffled on December 22 will be the following: in the case of? Gordo ?, which distributes 400,000 euros to the tenth, it will remain at 320,500 euros; the second prize will be 100,500 euros; the third will go from the initial 50,000 euros to 40,500 euros; finally, 16,500 euros will be collected; and for the fifth the amount that will remain after taxes will be 5,300 euros.

On the other hand, this obviously does not happen in the case of stones and approaches.In these cases the entire prize is charged, since none of them exceeds 2,500 euros.


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