August 5, 2021

This optical illusion is capable of deceiving your brain: How many flashes do you see?

This optical illusion is capable of deceiving your brain: How many flashes do you see?

Researchers at Caltech's California Institute of Technology have developed a new optical illusion that reveals how the senses can influence each other. For this, the following question was asked: How is it possible for the human brain to make sense of all the information that comes to us every second of the day? Two new illusions offer clues to this, and in both cases they deceive the brain to go back in time and fill in the gaps that they thought were lost.

Although it sounds strange, the execution of the exercise is very simple and easily understood. Actually, what they are talking about is what is known as postdiction, where a stimulus can have an effect on what we think we saw or heard in the past. That is, it is the opposite of prediction, which works in the other direction, forward through time.

The two illusions, The illusory Rabbit and the invisible Rabbit are among the first to show the postdiction in multiple senses: sound and vision. The exercises help to show how something that we think happened actually could never have happened.

In the video we will see first a cross. We must observe it and be attentive to the flashes that will appear in the surroundings and to the sound of beeps. How many have you seen? Later we will have to pay attention only to the flashes. How many do you see now? Then we go back to do the first test.

If at first you have counted three flashes, then two and finally again three, Without a doubt, you are the victim of an illusion. There have been two flashes on all occasions, but the sound has made your brain think there was a third flash.

In the Illusory Rabbit, the middle flash never happens, but Most people still think they saw three flashes to match the three beeps. In the Invisible Rabbit, it is the middle beep that is lost, and the brain generally thinks that there was not a half flash either.


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