This Madrid will aspire to everything

Madrid tied in the Wanda Metropolitano derby and maintained its streak since it has begun to come back after that disastrous night in Paris. The clouds that loomed after the blow of the Champions League have disappeared. The players closed all the waterways that threatened to sting this great ship and the most urgent thing has been to block that bleeding of goals against which they suffered already since the preseason. Three doors go to zero in a row.

They have closed ranks Indeed, all have closed ranks and focused on the practical. Thus, the situation has been turned around and it currently occupies a privileged position in the classification ahead of Atlético and Barcelona. What I do know is that when Real Madrid recovers some of his best men (and I say recover in the physical, technical and mental aspect such as Hazard, Isco, Modric, Marcelo ...) this team will aspire to everything. And he will do it because, whatever is said, he has enough template for it and his DNA must resurface to conquer titles again.

Together we are strong If we have reaffirmed (and in what way) in defense, now we can only improve our performance in attack. With this and with a short midfield in cash but with a lot of talent, Zidane and his team do not have to give up anything. To start, you have to conquer the three points tomorrow without further delay in our stadium against Bruges and start adding already in Europe. The PSG in the Princes Park cannot and should not be repeated. The reaction of intensity and the slowdown to the bleeding of goals has arrived at the right time. The Bernabéu must push now and support with more unity than ever. Together we are stronger.

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