June 21, 2021

this legislature will determine whether or not we win the climatic battle

This legislature will coincide with the critical moment to lay the foundations of the transition and to know whether or not we win the battle of climate change, says on Monday the vice president and minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera.

“These four or six years will be decisive,” Ribera said in an interview with the newspaper El País, which highlights the strengthening of the area of ​​biodiversity in its ministerial portfolio, elevated to the rank of vice president, along with the incorporation of the demographic challenge .

The vice president added that the impacts of climate change are at a speed of vertigo and will continue to do so “if we do not react” in time, because “we are late and not with the intensity required.”

“There are two things that have me obsessed,” the minister warned; one, “the big fires”, like those in Portugal and Australia, and another, the water, because “we have to be prepared for extreme scenarios because in the same place and consecutively there is too much water and no water.”

Ribera has described as “spectacular” the impacts on the coast and added that “the urban settlements of the coast are experiencing a very complicated crisis.”

After the last storms, such as the stormy Gloria that has left waves passing over first beach buildings, the minister has wondered if it makes sense to spend the same millions on the same, and if continuing to make restorations is the smartest way of addressing the problem.

“Probably not. You have to start working on a medium and long term approach and that requires a lot of consensus,” he added.

In the nuclear field, the minister has stated that “we have the responsibility to address a solution for nuclear waste and open the debate with prudence and seriousness” regarding the development of a centralized temporary warehouse as Villar de Cañas once raised (Basin).

“The reality showed that the management of the Villar de Cañas project had not been particularly successful. I do not see it easy to be recoverable under any circumstances,” said the minister.

Likewise, it has specified that “it is necessary to decide” if one, two or three sites are installed for the waste and if it is necessary to do it by regions.


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