"This job loss in a single month is outrageous!"




Reactions to lousy unemployment data in March they did not wait. Since the Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA) they have regretted the "nefarious" employment data, which reflect "the harshness and cruelty" of the impact of the health crisis, although they have warned that instead of an economic "hibernation" there will be an "ice age", with some "dramatic" months of April and May in employment, if the Government does not "really" support SMEs and the self-employed. This has been pointed out in a note to assess the data on unemployment and Social Security affiliation for March, which registered the worst month in history, with more than 302,000 new jobs and a loss of 834,000 contributors.

"This job loss in a single month is outrageous!" Exclaimed the president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, who warns that in the decline the almost 3 million workers who have taken ERTE are not counted, nor They are not on the unemployment list or on Social Security, since it is a suspension of employment.

The CCOO Secretary General, Unai Sordo, has urged to analyze "with perspective" employment data, which reveal the loss of 833,979 jobs, because they are framed in an unprecedented health and economic situation. In an interview on TVE, Sordo insisted that "this data cannot be analyzed with the usual parameters" because "the country is standing still" and stressed that the measures adopted by the Government are "avoiding the destruction of quite a few hundred thousand Of jobs".

The priority, he stressed, is to overcome the health emergency and, later, avoid the destruction of jobs and the disappearance of companies. He also pointed out that "there are still people who have lost their jobs and do not have access to any type of benefit", an issue that he plans to raise with the Government at the social dialogue meeting held this morning.

For his part, the UGT general secretary, Pepe Álvarez, stressed that the unemployment data for the month of March, with millions of workers who are in a record of temporary employment regulation (ERTE), cannot be compared "with any other time in the history of Spain", and trusted to be able to recover the job when the crisis of the coronoavirus passes. This was stated in an interview with RNE, where he stressed that there are millions of workers "waiting for this situation to pass to regain employment."

From the Government, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, has recognized that the unemployment data "was to be expected" after the declaration of the state of alarm in the country, although it trusts that the dismissals "are contained" by virtue of the measures in this regard approved by the Government. "This is the double challenge that we have, on the one hand to combat the epidemic and, on the other, that economic activity and jobs are not taken away and the economy is relaunched once the virus is overcome," said the minister. in statements to RNE collected by Europa Press.

The biggest drop in employment

The employment data known today reveals that Social Security lost 833,979 affiliates at the end of March due to the impact of the coronavirus, which was the biggest drop in employment in history. The number of contributors remained at 18.4 million, while unemployment registered the largest monthly increase in history with 302,265 new applicants.

According to the data provided by the Government, the affiliation figure at the end of the month better reflects what happened than the monthly average -which is usually provided and which leaves the decrease in March at 243,469 members- since the impact of the coronavirus pandemic it begins to notice well from day 12.

As for unemployment, the Public State Employment Service (SEPE) has added 302,265 new applicants this month, leaving the total unemployed at 3.54 million in the highest rise in monthly unemployment in history.


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