Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

This is what they pay for their homes

Esto es lo que pagan Irene Montero e Inés Arrimadas por sus viviendas

How much do Ines pay? Close up and Irene Huntsman for his living place? Do they live in a rental or purchase residence? Do they have private health insurance? These are some of the questions that the journalist Jordi Évole formulated in the face-to-face between the leader of Cs in Catalonia and the spokesperson for We can in Congress in the program
and that aroused great interest among the spectators.

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During the interview, Montero denied having mutual private, a service that Contraimadas has contracted. As for the electricity bill, the Podemos responded: "Buff! I now pay ... like a hundred and a half euros "; while the Citizen said that pays around 100 euros. Arrimadas confessed to Évole having used applications such as Glovo or Deliveroo, a service that Montero said he had not hired so far.

Face to face between Arrimadas and Montero

Arrimadas lives for rent in Barcelona and Montero pays a mortgage for a villa in Galapagar

Asked if they have shares of an Ibex company, Montero responded with a resounding 'no' between laughter. Arrimadas, on the other hand, pointed out that he could have shares in a bank, although he did not know for sure. "I do not know how to tell you now. But few. Very little, "he said.

And it was the turn of the house. The leader of the orange training in Catalonia said she lives in Barcelona and currently pays 1,350 euros. "I paid 900 euros with the contract five years ago and now on February 1 I have raised it," he detailed.

The spokeswoman of the purple party, on the other hand, resides in a house of purchase located in Galapagar, Madrid, by which it has a mortgage that signed a year ago of about 900 euros. Montero did not specify, however, if the amount corresponds to the monthly payment of the mortgage in total or only its part.

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