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this is what the Spanish press sees

Juicio, presupuestos y elecciones: así lo ve la prensa española

This Tuesday, February 12 starts the judgment to proces and 1-O in the Supreme Court, in Madrid. In the coming weeks will mark the topicality and will be a constant source of information. Beyond the beginning of the oral hearings in the High Court, the possibility of an electoral advance next April is the other element that appears unanimously in the Spanish press. Some headers combine both issues, while others focus on only one of them.

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So, while
The country
has as its main title on its cover an aseptic
Twelve leaders of the 'proces' secessionist, before the Supreme
The world
it gives for good the qualification of the Catalan October of 1017 like a blow and it mixes it with the political present time, with the budgets in the air:
The Supreme Court judges the 1-0 coup in the middle of a political storm
. In
The reason
the beginning of the trial is also mixed with the possible anticipated general elections:
Sánchez marks the trial in electoral key

The country informs that "Pedro Sánchez will decide the electoral date after the budget vote"; something that La Razón also points out: "It will decide tomorrow after the session in Congress."

, for its part, obviates the trial of 1-O on its cover and focuses on the electoral advance, which was already claimed this Sunday at the Columbus demonstration.
Sánchez runs out of excuses
, title the newspaper.
The newspaper
focuses on the possible early elections of April 14:
Sánchez last elections for the independence veto
, points out in reference to the PDECat and ERC amendments to the General State Budgets.

The mail
, also from the Vocento group, points out that
The historical trial of 'procés' begins
and points out that "the Supreme Court today opens the most transcendent process that Spanish democracy has faced since 23-F".

The main header of Vocento, ABC, includes as a subtitle: "Amaga with the ballot boxes to pressure the independence movement and filters that would advance the elections to April before the mobilization of the opposition and the erosion of the PSOE". "Moncloa presses with an advance of the elections before the vote of the Budgets and with the leaders of 'procés' on the bench," La Razón points out. And that is that reading is widely shared by the Spanish headwaters. "Sanchez threatens the independence movement with an electoral advance," says El Correo.

The newspaper
opens its cover with an image of the room where the trial will be held and points out that it is "
a trial for history
" Likewise, he points out that sovereignty is pressured with the possible electoral advance. The
Punt Avui
focuses on the press conference yesterday gave the leaders of the independence leaders in which they said that "going on policy" in reference to the trial and has as main information an interview with Carles Puigdemont, who values ​​the cause as a "revenge" .

In addition, the sovereign entity Òmnium Cultural has launched a free newspaper on Tuesday with a circulation of 120,000 copies that will be distributed in Barcelona, ​​in the metropolitan area and in the Catalan regions. The eight-page newspaper is called Judici a la democràcia.


In the editorials, The country he asks that only the "legal arguments" influence the judgment of the Supreme Court and asks Quim Torra for explanations for "leaving the functions for which he was elected unattended" when he went to the High Court. Together with El Mundo, it highlights the guarantees of the Supreme Court. But this latest newspaper goes further and says that "the sovereignist challenge launched in the fall of 2017 is the biggest attack on the Constitution in four decades" and points out that Carles Puigdemont, for not being on the bench, has shown that his "cowardice portrays his tiny ethical stature. "

"None of the members of the Chamber presided over by Manuel Marchena will be frightened by the weakness of the Government, which reduced the accusation of State Advocacy as payment in kind to sovereignty blackmail, nor the pressures to the court of the separatist commanders and the Torra threats. That the weight of the law falls on the executors of the independence coup to the Constitution, "concludes the editorial of El Mundo.

ABC believes that "it is time to do justice" and ensures that the Sala II of the Supreme "is today facing an essential challenge for the survival of the State" as it was conceived after the Franco dictatorship, in the Transition.

The reason affirms that it is "a blow to democracy" and that "today begins the most momentous trial that has been held in Spain since the democratic restoration - apart from the 23-F, which took place under military jurisdiction -, the height of the own cause: a blow against the democratic legality, the rupture of the territorial unit and the proclamation of a 'Catalan republic' ". In addition, it notes that the accusations respond to actions "constituting a crime clearly defined in the Criminal Code: rebellion (Article 472), embezzlement (Article 432.1) and disobedience (Article 44.1)".

In the Catalan press, on the other hand, judgment is spoken of as a historical fact but at the same time as an "error". The Punt Avui he assures that it is an "error" to want "to resolve with the Penal Code and the repression a purely political conflict" and Ara he asks for "intelligence and strategy" for sovereignty and points out that "part of the evil is already done". "The account of the instruction and the disproportionate and cruel measure of pretrial detention have already shown to the eyes of the world what is the nature of a part of the Spanish judiciary," he says and sees the possible convictions for rebellion "a nonsense" to be based that accusation in "non-existent violence".

In another editorial The world He points out that the electoral advance is due to "weakness", but he sees it as little credible. "The enthusiasm for the balloon probe of this Government, which in the absence of laws promotes expectations, makes it difficult to believe its leaks," he says. The newspaper, in keeping with its cover, devotes the editorial to the electoral advance: "O Budgets or elections. That is the alternative proposed by Sánchez once the dialogue with the independence movement has been broken, "he says.

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