Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

This is what the PlayStation 5 development kit looks like

Twitter user The Drunk Cat has published a filtered image that confirm the design of the kits V-shaped PlayStation 5 development. The senior editor of Verge magazine, Tom Warren, has given veracity to photography and has revealed that this strange way allows devkits They are easier to stack.

It is unknown what development study the image comes from, although the video game analyst Daniel Ahmad has confirmed that there are already several companies that have the kits
of development of
Playstation 5
Xbox Scarlett
. The filtered photo corresponds to a first version of the machine, the kits Definitive should be distributed in early summer 2020.

According to Tom Warren, in addition to being easier to stack, V shape improves ventilation of the kits of development so that they cool better. Users should not worry about the strange design of the machine, since normally the console that is sold is very different from the kits developmental.

These machines serve so that the studies begin to become familiar with the new hardware and can develop titles for the next generation of consoles, which it will arrive at the end of 2020.

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