August 4, 2020

This is what it looks like when an object hits Jupiter

Taking photos of Jupiter, an amateur astronomer in Texas, captured the moment an object crashed into the planet, creating a brief bright flash on its trubulent surface.

Images shared on the Twitter page Chappel Astro, where astrophotographers Ethan and George Chappel publish their observations, show that a fleeting white spot appears just south of the equator on August 7, before disappearing from sight in an instant.

While scientists have not yet confirmed what exactly happened on the surface of the largest planet in our solar system, the photographer notes that "it looks terribly like an impact flash."

The impacts themselves may not be uncommon, but capturing a moment like this is an incredibly rare feat. The massive size of Jupiter means that it has a strong gravity, attracting all kinds of objects. However, these interactions culminate in a matter of seconds.

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