This is the Whatsapp update that has ENRICHED its users

Everytime that WhatsApp announces a change, its billions of users in the world tremble until they know all the details of the updates that the application implements without prior notice.

Although it is true that, with assiduity, the star application of Facebook integrates new changes To achieve the best performance of the application, there are some new features that do not sit well with users, especially when they represent a big change in the usual use of the app.

Although it is still unconfirmed, many international media have echoed a possible change that WhatsApp wants to include in its next update. A novelty that, far from making the users of the application happy, has generated a great controversy because, they understand, violates your privacy.

Which is the commented proposal What does the famous instant messaging application intend to implement?

Third check: an increasingly close possibility

If we had to make a list of the new features that have received the most criticism, it is impossible to ignore the commotion that arose when the application made the double Blue Tick, without allowing users to decide whether or not they wanted that read receipt.

The new WhatsApp update seems to be on its way to being part of this list as well because, according to media such as Infobae, the instant messaging application I would be considering the possibility of a third tick appearing when a screenshot is taken.

That is, the third check would give the person with whom one speaks the information that we have made a screenshot of the conversation.

As they have been able to know, the objective of this update is that "users could avoid theft of sensitive information or multimedia content, as well as discourage those who wanted to do so, since the update It would also indicate the username that took the screenshot".

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