July 9, 2020

This is the video in which some players laugh at the feminist dance “The rapist is you”

The footballer of America sub'17 who uploaded the post to Facebook asked for forgiveness and will go to a workshop to “get to know feminism better”

The players of América de México under-17 mounted it on social networks. Omar Lomelí, one of his soccer players, released a video in which part of the staff mocks the song and the dance “The rapist is you”, a symbol of the fight against gender violence in recent times, which began in Chile and has been imitated by many women from all over the world.

The publication did not take long to go viral and the criticisms of the young players multiplied. The protagonist of uploading the video to Facebook sent a statement in which he apologized. “Following a video posted on my Facebook person account, I offer my apologies to the general public, to the women of Mexico, to the families that have suffered from this wave of violence against women, to my Club members, to the institution that I belong to and those that have offended. At no time was our intention to make fun of the situation or the movement that women are leading around the world today … we will comply with the measures taken by the club with our football careers, "says Omar Lomelí.

In addition to that, the player promised to attend workshops on feminism and women's rights to “learn more about the subject”. Before the flight that took the situation, Club América also issued a statement announcing that it will take "measures".

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