Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

This is the video clip of 'Marte', the song of Spain in Eurojunior 2019

Melani you have already recorded and edited the video clip from
, the theme with which he will fight in the festival of Eurojunior 2019 held in the city of Gliwice (Poland) on November 24. RTVE has made public today the first minute of the assembly that will serve to make the Spanish candidacy known before getting on the Polish stage in just over a month and a half.

As the chain has reiterated (since this is the third time the song is presented partially or entirely),
Mars tries to be "a reflection" of the message of the musical theme: "a plea for the defense of the seas and against the pouring of plastics"
. That is, the theme can no longer be on everyone's lips and be one of the biggest concerns on the planet.

Melani García, Spanish representative of Eurojunior 2019

Melani García, Spanish representative of Eurojunior 2019

“I want the message cale and it is not the typical song that stays here, but it serves to make people aware that it is necessary to recycle. Or at least try it because it costs nothing and with a gesture, together, we can save the planet, ”said Melani between taking and taking of the recording of Mars.

The video clip, which it was recorded entirely in Valencia, where Melani is from, and it was a declaration of intent. During filming, the Spanish representative at the Festival collects plastics from Cullera beach to show a patent reality in other seas. "I was waiting for them not to fly with the wind and the sea did not get dirty," said the 12-year-old girl.

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