October 28, 2020

This is the treatment of Nadal to get healthy to the ATP Finals

Rafa Nadal has resumed training today to face the ATP Finals that start on Sunday at the O2 in London with maximum guarantees. The world number one will not debut until Monday in the second round against Zverev and before the game against the defender of the title Rafa's plan will combine very specific training and anti-inflammatory and physiotherapy treatments. «It will follow a specific treatment that area. It is necessary to put all the local anti-inflammatory, regenerative and Indibas measures (to activate the anti-inflammatory and tissue repair processes of the organism itself) and then, progressively, the physio's work ”, says Dr. Ángel Luis Cotorro.

The doctor of Nadal and the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) is confident that Rafa is in good condition for its premiere next Monday. «It is a relaxation and you have to take care of it. This type of injury allows to play down and the problem is to adapt the service little by little. We are going to see the evolution and as soon as I can, Thursday or Friday, we will begin the retraining of the service to arrive on Sunday or Monday, when I play, with good conditions, ”Dr. Cotorro told Efe.

And what is playing down? This type of training consists in not raising the arm above the shoulder so that the abdominal muscles do not suffer. Once you make the first training sessions and depending on your evolution, the process of adaptation to your normal game will begin, with the usual blows. Cotorro says that "there is no breakage, although if we speak at the microscopic level there can always be a fibrillar micro-rupture, but the images do not show any breakage."

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