May 26, 2020

This is the time a woman needs to reach climax – La Provincia

The female orgasmFor some, it is a mystery. The culture of patriarchy has converted for many years, even centuries, the Women’s sexuality in a whole taboo, something that has been removed iron and giving naturalness in recent times. Although there are still men who are not able to get women to the height of a sexual relationship.

For all those who need some more information about the female orgasm, a study published in the medical journal ‘Journal of Sexual Medicine’ has determined, exactly, what it takes for women to reach climax during sex

Based on a sample of more than 645 women in their 30s, heterosexual and with a stable partner, the researchers asked the girls to time the event for 8 weeks. Thus, the result was that women take 13.46 exact minutes to reach the climax.

There are up to 12 types of female orgasms, although in the male world they often only focus on penetration. The study concluded that this was not the most optimal way to get girls to the desired climax. Only 31.4% of the participants reached orgasm in this way. Or what is the same: the remaining 68.6% needed some other action, such as kissing, “biting” or touching other parts of the body.

The perfect posture

As for the best option when placing so that the woman ends up more than satisfied, the researchers determined that the Amazon’s posture is the best for the woman to reach the peak in a sexual relationship. 42.2% of respondents said that the best option for them was to be on top of them.

She it has to be placed on top, it may be that with the face facing the face of your partner, but also the other way around, turning your back. In fact, this second variant is usually more stimulating for the female clitoris. He will enjoy holding the back of his ‘partenaire’ and seeing his body from another angle to which he may not be accustomed.


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