October 27, 2020

This is the teleworking law approved today by the Government




The pandemic imposed telecommuting in Spain without a regulation to support the use of a residual formula in the labor market before the coronavirus broke out. After a tug of war between the Government and the social agents, the positions have come closer and the Council of Ministers plans to give the go-ahead today to a rule that seeks to guarantee that the collective rights of workers are not affected. Thus, the busy person who teleworks you will not suffer damage in your working conditions, including pay, job stability and career advancement.

Teleworking will be voluntary, it must be formalized in a written agreement between the company and the employee and the employer will also have “the right to full compensation for expenses because remote work cannot involve costs related to equipment, tools and means linked to the development of their work activity ”. The text that passes through the Council of Ministers today refers to the prevention of occupational hazards and urges to pay attention to “psychosocial, ergonomic and organizational” factors and to take into account, in particular, the distribution of the working day, availability times and the guarantee of breaks and disconnection during the working day.

The law will apply to all workers who telecommute at least 30% of your day. With this percentage, for example, all employees who telework only one day a week (20% of the day) as a measure of labor flexibility would be excluded from this regulation.

The management bodies of employers and unions will approve the new legal text before receiving the support of the Executive. The CEOE has summoned its executive committee first thing in the morning on Tuesday with the approval of the preliminary bill as the only order of business.

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