This is the Telegram channel of, a leader in the Spanish media with about 38,000 followers

Instant messaging apps are one of the most used ways in the world to get informed and share information. Since in 2015 we launched the channel on Telegram, 37,745 people have signed up to receive the news of the day and the last hour in a fresher and more direct way through instant messaging.

In times when access to reliable information is important in the face of hoaxes and fake news that run on mobile phones, in Telegram we have an official and verified channel. In it, our followers receive, through the app or its web version, truthful, quality information, with direct links to our news that allow them to know the news of the day in a pleasant, easy and fast way.

In case you still do not know Telegram, this service is like WhatsApp, an application that allows you to receive and send instant messages between your contacts, but also offers what they call "Channels", which is the way in which sends relevant information and last minute to his followers.

The channel on Telegram allows us to broadcast messages that are received by all recipients immediately and jointly. Informative alerts are only issued by and you will not receive communications from other people on this channel since no one can see the list of subscribed people.

These messages are distributed by our editors in a selected manner, so that all the information sent is relevant so as not to overwhelm our followers. In addition, you can choose the notifications you want to receive, silence the group or consult our channel when you consider appropriate.

The pioneering use that in we have given to this communication tool with a unique tone, has made us leaders among the Spanish media, since our almost 38,000 followers place us well above other media such as El País (9,400), El Mundo (5,200) or El Confidencial (250).

Also, in recent weeks, Telegram has become one of the most downloaded applications for Android and iOS phones worldwide. The messaging app is one of the main competitors of WhatsApp, and it has shot to the top of the ranking with a growth of 175% after the latter began to ask users to accept a change in its Privacy Policy and Terms of use.

If you still do not know us on Telegram, this is the moment. Our readers, more and more, appreciate an easily accessible channel, free and with comments from our journalists, who make you stay up to date in an easy and direct way.

Join our Telegram channel and live today with us.

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