June 20, 2021

This is the rules of the Selectivity of 2021

2021 Selectivity Rules.

2021 Selectivity Rules.

The test of access to college from 2021, that start on June 1, will prohibit access to people suspected of suffering the coronavirus, enter without face mask and the coincidence in time and space of exams in the same area of ​​the building where they are carried out.

As in previous editions, the Ebau, ancient Selectivity, is divided into two phases: the general (language and literature, foreign language, history and a core subject according to the Baccalaureate modality taken) and the specific or voluntary, where you can take a maximum of four exams.

The qualification for access to the University It is still calculated by weighing 40% the qualification of the test and 60% the final qualification of the stage. It will be understood that the access requirements are met when the result of this weighting is equal to or greater than 5 points.

The more flexible exam model will be repeated – offers more questions to choose from – which was adopted in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, which forced all students to stay at home and follow the online teachings.

They are summoned to the exams more than 200,000 young people, of which more than 90% usually pass.

The latest prevention measures against the coronavirus agreed by Education, Universities and Health for the Ebau 2021 demand that no crowds or unnecessary displacements form.

Valve masks are prohibited

To do this, he advises expanding the exam venues; distribute the students in the largest number of classrooms; reduce the capacity of toilets and services; limit as much as possible the coincidence in time and space of exams in the same area of ​​the building where they are carried out; stagger the entrances and exits and allow the student to go to the locations closest to their home to reduce transfers.

Will be the use of valve masks is prohibited and maintain an interpersonal safety distance of less than one and a half meters.

Only people who have a disease or respiratory difficulty that may be aggravated by its use or who, due to their situation of disability or dependency, do not have the autonomy to remove it, or have behavioral alterations that make it unviable, will only be exempt from the use of the mask. Its use.

No entry for people with symptoms

People with symptoms compatible with covid-19, those who have been diagnosed with the disease even though they do not present symptoms and who have not completed the required period of home isolation, or those who are in period will not be able to access the examination center. quarantine for having had close contact with a positive.

Regarding ventilation, only if it is not possible to achieve adequate ventilation through natural or mechanical ventilation, filters or air purifiers can be used (with HEPA filters).

Once the evaluation is finished, it will be mandatory for students to leave the classroom immediately and do so in a staggered manner to avoid crowds.

If a person begins to have symptoms of COVID-19 they should go home as soon as possible and if, for any reason, you need to be attended to, you will be taken to a separate space for individual use.

The affected person will contact the health center or the reference telephone number of the autonomous community, or where appropriate, with their

Occupational Risk Prevention Service, and its instructions will be followed.

The results will be known before June 25

Tests must end before June 18, 2021 and the provisional results published before June 25, 2021.

The extraordinary call, a second opportunity to approve or to raise the grade, will end before July 16 or September 16 in the event that the autonomous community determines to hold it in September.


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