This is the Rewind Hispano 2021, an absolute madness

Youtube It is no longer what it was, all is said. Many YouTubers now they are streamers on Twitch, and there are few of the old school left, only a few like Jordi Wild, for example. It's a shame since I have very fond memories of that time in the early 2010s where Rubius, Willyrex, Alexby, Staxx and more were growing their subscribers in full swing. Although it is also understandable. That's why they made YouTube Rewind impressive that were surpassed by the spectacular Rewind Hispano.

You just have to watch the 2020 edition to see how great it is. It doesn't take many and it started as something independent, but the Rewind Hispano has become the most anticipated video of the year for everyone. And so we have reached today, in which we have seen the 2021 edition and for many it is already the most spectacular of all. Do you agree? Well, you just have to see for yourself below.

Ibai Llanos, ElRubius, Thegrefg, el Xokas, Juan Guarnizo and other leading celebrities from Spain and Latin America are the stars of Rewind Hispano 2021, the compilation video of the best Internet moments of 2021. This production by Alecmolon, also youtuber and recently a partner of the Valencian production company DHC FILMS, wants to break all records already harvested with the 2020 edition - 23 million views and 5 million likes on YouTube -.

Alecmolon and you, his DHC Films team, have done it again multiplied by a thousand, because they have achieved that relevant characters such as him Kun Agüero, Gerard Piqué or Leo Messi Through a recorded video, they will participate in a Hispanic Rewind that has surpassed its predecessors.


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