October 24, 2020

This is the other ending of ‘The Curse of Bly Manor’

‘The Curse of Bly Manor’ has become one of the sensations of Netflix. Mike flanagan has once again swept a story of horror and ghosts after having conquered the public with ‘The Curse of Hill House’. Unlike the first series, which adapted the homonymous novel by Shirley Jackson, this installment is based on the stories of Henry James, with his work ‘Another turn of the screw’ as a great reference. Now the end of the original material written by James it was much darker and hopeless than fiction from the platform.


The end of the series gives rise to hope, because the leading children manage to forget what happened in the mansion. Dani (Victoria Pedretti) ends up being the latest victim of the Lady of the Lake’s curse. After causing Viola’s spirit to possess her, thereby succeeding in saving Flora from impending death while also freeing the souls of all those who have died within the confines of the mansion, Dani starts a happy and long relationship with Jamie (Amelia eve), the planter of the mansion.

However, after five years of happy courtship, Dani verifies that her fears are true: Viola’s ghost continues to inhabit her and she is thirsty for revenge and death. Thus, after waking up one day with his hand on his girlfriend’s neck, he decides to sacrifice himself so as not to hurt whoever he loves most and to jump into the lake. There, as Jamie can see with his own eyes, now Dani is called, who in his body contains the vengeful spirit of the Lady of the Lake so that she does not come out again and claim more victims.

Also, at the end the series reveals that the narrator, the character of Carla gugino, is really the old version of the planter. In this epilogue she attends Flora’s wedding, which indeed does not remember anything that happened in Bly, where he also coincides with Miles, Uncle Henry and even with the already mature Owen.

But she, the gardener, is still in love with Dani and, as the last scene shows, night after night leaves the door ajar for his spirit wants to manifest. And so he does in the last shot of the series, which shows Dani’s hand, with her ring, resting on the shoulder of the sleepy and mature Jamie. His love continues perennial and it is that feeling that protects the old gardener.

James’ dark end

A much brighter ending than the original novel was, as James’s book ends with the death of little Miles Wingrave. In ‘Another Turn of the Screw’, the governess, who is also the protagonist of the story, tries to protect the boy from the ghost of Peter Quint, who has controlled the boy for most of the plot.

The preceptor makes Quint no longer control the young Wingrave. However, this does not prevent the child from dying. It is alluded to passed away after possession, but it also seems that it was the governess herself who was able to accidentally kill him. In fact, the deliberate ambiguity of James’s text leaves the debate on air, open to reader interpretation. In fact, there is one of the most widespread interpretations of the novel holding that the whole story is the narration of how the governess plunges into a kind of delirium, he loses control of reality and the ghosts are a product of his imagination.

The novel, written in 1898, is classified as gothic fiction and ghost story, with a protagonist, who is the one who narrates the events, who can be described as an unreliable narrator, which implies that everything told is a delusion of the tutor. This makes James’ book a much more sinister story than Flanagan’s adaptation, which also takes as a reference other writings by the American author.


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