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Who doesn't remember Her? In the famous Spike Jonze film, the protagonist (Joaquin Phoenix) fell in love with his virtual assistant, with whom he contacted through a small headset. The film premiered in 2013 and many saw it as a nod to a future of science fiction, but few expected this picture to be closer than it seems. The handset in question was very similar to the popular AirPods, and Siri could very well be Samantha, the protagonist's platonic love. Technology is getting closer to the human body and beyond mobile phones, manufacturers struggle to lead the segment of the wearables in which a small device, virtually invisible, allows the user to perform functions that are currently performed on the screens of the phones.

How are these devices? Amazon has made it clear this week that its plans are to bring Alexa, its personal assistant, closer and closer to the user with a series of devices that are only a preview of what awaits us.

AirPods: the iPhone closer than ever

Apple has managed to consolidate a product that when it saw the light was criticized for its peculiar aesthetic appearance: AirPods headphones, and is that one of the great challenges of personal technology is not to clash in the image section. The wireless headphones of the firm of the apple have already become a reference product of its customers and have approached Siri, the assistant based on artificial intelligence of the firm, to the ears of its carriers. But as it could be supposed, Apple seems to have more ambitious plans for this peripheral and it is rumored that in the short term future they have sensors that measure health-related parameters, so it will not be necessary to carry other devices to do so. Logically, the evolution of this type of devices is directly related to the improvement of the effectiveness of virtual assistants, with whom there are still obvious communication problems.

Amazon glasses

Amazon glasses

Amazon melts: headphones, glasses and ... a ring

If there is an entrepreneur with an unquestionable courage, it is undoubtedly Jeff Bezos, the founder and owner of Amazon, the largest store in the world. This figure knows well that in the not so distant future the mobile screen will be replaced by another form of relationship with the machine, and the most obvious is the voice. Like Apple, Amazon aims to make Alexa, its virtual assistant, surround the user at all times, and good proof of this is the constant launch of increasingly affordable speakers and small devices, which allow the user to say “Alexa ”Accompanied by a command, and if possible, a purchase. Well, the giant wants to bring the user closer than ever before and this week he has presented some wireless headphones, glasses and even a ring, which will give access to Alexa in any situation. The truth is that it seems that it is more a warning to navigators where the shots of the company will go than a firm bet.

Apple Watch, health as the main battering ram

The Cupertino manufacturer almost always does well with that peculiar ability that he knows how to predict with success what the next thing the market will want. The Apple Watch is a sensational exponent of this and little by little it has been consolidated as a solo leader in the quoted segment of the wearable In its last iteration, the manufacturer has provided a permanently lit screen in the terminal but has based the bulk of the advances in the platform, WatchOS Where is the device heading? Towards a growing disconnection of the iPhone and becoming an autonomous terminal focused primarily on the field of health and as an alternative close to the mobile screen.

Smart rings

Smart rings

Oura, the ring that measures stress

Health is, without a doubt, one of the strongest arguments for the sale of technology devices that are being worn and this is well known by another project that has the participation of illustrious Silicon Valley as Kevin Rose: the ring Oura. This little device was the wearable more compact in the market until the recent announcement of the Amazon ring, although Oura has more specific ambitions and in the field of health. The ring measures the physical activity of its wearer as any other would wearable, but incorporates an additional ingredient that is dazzling investors: it is capable of measure stress of its holder. This registration is possible thanks to an algorithm that, based on the information obtained by the ring, is able to determine the level of relaxation or stress of its user.

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