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This is the new life of Wu Lei in Barcelona

Así es la nueva vida de Wu Lei en Barcelona

The arrival of Wu Lei to the Spanish It seemed an experiment with little chance of success. However, there are players who despite having almost everything against fit like a glove there where they go. This seems to be the case of the Chinese striker Spanish, who only needed 71 minutes to fall in love with his new fans and become an idol project. His enormous charisma, demonstrated by his communion with the stands from the first day, and his ability to get along with many of his teammates have surprised, especially because they come from a completely different football and a culture that has nothing to do with the Western .

It came as an opportunity in the commercial and as an unknown in sports. But it has quickly cleared many doubts. Self-confidence, speed and daring were his virtues in his first minutes on the lawn in Cornellà in front of Vallecano Ray
. His performance was decisive from the first day to force a penalty that was the germ of the comeback. Outside the field, however, he still seeks a place in his new city. At the moment he tries to find a house in the Olympic Village with his wife, the only one who has accompanied him in this new adventure. Their two children wait in their country until the marriage is located in their new home in Barcelona.

His wife is the one who accompanies him in this new adventure

At the moment he moves around the city with a Catalan translator of Chinese origin that the club has put at his service to make it easier for his day to day. In training, Rubi meets before the sessions with the interpreter to explain the routines of each day. In addition, upon his arrival he learned some basic words to improve his integration. And not only that, but according to his companions every day brings some new word.

Rubi already highlighted last Friday that he felt that they had signed "an intelligent player", that's why, despite the language difficulties, Lei is seen many times with the rest of his teammates as one more. He does not want any kind of treatment of favor or different from his teammates, something that sums up the maturity and personality of the new blue and white striker.

Wu Lei, a star in China, also wants to be in Spain

Wu Lei, a star in China, also wants to be in Spain

He has not yet started Spanish classes so, in addition to the translator at his service, he uses English, a language he knows a little more, to make himself understood in many areas. In fact, compared to Vallecano Ray He approached to greet effusively Mario Suarez, former player of Atletico Madrid, who until this winter market played in the Chinese Super League.

On the lawn he has not had much time to know the mechanisms of the team, but he has already shown that he must be an important player for Rubi. "We did not expect him to contribute so much to us so soon. It is adapting. When we signed him we thought that we would see how he came, because he came from standing, "he acknowledged. Darder after the meeting.

On Sunday he was watching the games of Espanyol B and the youth

Your good start connection with Melendo and with Borja Iglesias It promises great joys if its implication is maintained over time. And this seems to be the maximum for the Chinese, who tries to do everything on his part to integrate into his new family. In fact last Sunday was present in the games of Espanyol B and youth. "When I entered the field, it was obvious that this is a family," said the player to the club's media. He added that "I did not expect to play so many minutes. I am very happy to debut at home and grateful for the response that the fans had during difficult moments of the game, "he said.

The circumstances made that last Saturday was one of the protagonists. Despite starting on the bench, the injury of Piatti
, that as reported by the medical services of the club will miss the remainder of the season, allowed him to debut at the RCD Stadium starting from the left. That could be the place he occupies in the next matches, to start against Valencia in Mestalla. If the club decides not to sign, the technician already has a spare part whose potential is still incalculable.

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