This is the most popular greeting of youtubers

The Rubius in one of his videos.

The Rubius in one of his videos.

Youtube has analyzed of what form the authors of YouTube channels greet in their videos, and has discovered that the expression 'Hey guys', 'hello guys' in English, has been the most popular on the platform during 2020.

36 percent of youtubers started their videos in 2020 by greeting their viewers with the expression 'Hey guys', among the five most common forms of greeting, which also include 'what's up' (what's up?), 'good morning' (good morning), 'hi guys' (also 'hello guys') and 'all right' ('all good' or 'ok').

This is extracted from the YouTube analysis, which focuses on 'vlogs' and only on videos with 20,000 views or more and from channels with more than 20,000 subscribers.

The study points out that there are differences between the types of YouTube channels and the greeting they choose to start their videos. 'Hey guys' is in the top five most popular greetings across all categories, but It is the most used in video games, cooking, DIY videos, beauty and relaxation.

However, other greetings are chosen in other types of videos such as technology ('ladies and gentlemen', or 'ladies and gentlemen'), travel ('good morning'), exercise and sports ('what's up?') .

YouTube has also analyzed the most common greetings in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, where 'hello hello' is the most frequent start ahead of 'Hello, how are you?', How are you? ',' Hello everyone 'and' Good morning '.

In Brazil the most common form of greeting was 'Oi gente' ('hello people' in Portuguese); in France, 'Bonjour à tous' ('good morning everyone' in French); and in Germany they used more during 2020 'Hallo ihr' ('hello to you' in German).


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