This is the millionaire amount that a man has paid to travel to space with Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

The American company Blue Origin announced this Saturday the closing of its auction to occupy one of the four seats of its first manned trip to space, with a winning bid of $ 28 million which will be donated to a company foundation.

The winner of the auction, whose name will be released in the coming weeks, competed against almost 7,600 people from 159 countries to obtain one of the seats on the flight in which the founder of Amazon, Jeff bezos, and his brother, Mark.

The auction began more than a month ago on the company's website and concluded this Saturday with a final phase, which started from a $ 4.8 million base, but it immediately surpassed 20 million and was closed in just seven minutes. It is expected that the trip to space lasts about 11 minutes, so the auction winner has agreed to pay $ 2.5 million per minute, or more than 42,000 per second, calculated the US public broadcaster NPR.

That amount will be donated to the Blue Origin foundation, called Club for the Future, which seeks inspire young people to study science careers and dedicate itself to space exploration, the company said in a statement.

The manned flight is planned for next July 20 and it will be developed aboard Blue Origin's suborbital rocket, called Blue Shepard and designed as a commercial system for space tourism. In addition to Bezos, his brother and the auction winner, a fourth person will travel aboard the rocket, whose name will also be announced in the coming weeks, Blue Origin said in its statement.

The founder of Amazon revealed last Monday that he would travel with his brother aboard the first manned space trip of his company, and assured that all his life he has wanted to live that adventure. Bezos shares his obsession with space with other billionaires, such as Elon musk (Tesla and SpaceX) and Richard Branson (Virgin and Virgin Gallactic).

Musk has expressed a desire to found a city on Mars with a population of one million by 2050.; while Branson intends to transfer the current model of air travel to space, with very high speed journeys and transport to hotels on other planets.


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