This is the legal maneuver with which Cabify circumvents the restrictions in Catalonia

This is the legal maneuver with which Cabify circumvents the restrictions in Catalonia

Given the restrictions on the sector of rental vehicles with driver (VTC) in Catalonia, Cabify has found a legal vacuum with which has managed to circumvent the decree of the Generalitat that establishes a minimum pre-contract period of 15 minutes. In this way, the company has resumed its activity in the region, but with a business model different from the one used in the rest of the autonomies. Cabify operates in Spain through the Maxi Mobility company, whose activity is the intermediation that allows customers to book online the VTC service. That is to say, it does not have licenses, vehicles or drivers, so its activity "should be considered as that of a travel agency," according to industry sources.

As the Catalan decree-law contemplates the modification of pre-contracting services and requests for services, Cabify discovers them and goes on to offer a transport service. To do this, it has purchased the VTC Prestige company, through which it will operate in the region, and cedes the rights to use the application and the brand. In this way, Prestige, which does have licenses, provides transport services both with its own vehicles and drivers and with the means of other VTC companies.

The main legal argument that sustains this business model is that the 15-minute term established by the decree-law is about hiring, and not about the request for services. That is, the wait will only be made in the first service because the client hires it once, it is registered in the Cabify application and accepts the new terms and conditions of use, and not when it requests a specific service.


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