This is the HOPEFUL promise of Rocío Carrasco to her brothers

Rocio Carrasco has reappeared on television in this new year and has done so in style.

The premiere of the new Telecinco programme, Save Me: Lemon Tea, has premiered exclusively six minutes of a new part of the documentary starring the daughter of Rocío Jurado in which Carrasco opens, for the first time, her mother's containers.

An opening full of emotion and memories in which Rocio Flores's mother He has been reunited with his past and with the personal belongings of the singer and also of his family.

The star collaborator of Telecinco thus returns to the small screen after her ex-husband, Anthony David Flores, has announced its New relationship with the journalist Martha Riesco, a love that has raised a great controversy.

The singer's clothes, her bedside tables, a drum belonging to her uncle Amador, the figurines that accompanied the Jury, diaries, writings... And so on a long list of objects by the artist that, until now, they had not seen the light.

In addition, the opening of these containers has brought with it a precious and hopeful gesture by Rocio Carrasco in the form of a promise towards his brothers, Jose Fernando Y Glory Camila.

What has Rocío Carrasco done to understand that a reconciliation with his brothers?

"We sent it to you. It's from your childhood"

During the broadcast of the six exclusive minutes of Montealto, I return to the house, which is what the new documentary is called, Rocío Carrasco opened some of the boxes that have remained under lock and key for years.

Dressed in a beautiful violet outfit, Rocío Jurado's daughter found in one of the boxes memories of her siblings, of her childhood and some paintings that made Carrasco get excited when she saw these elements. "Oh, these illustrations... It's José Fernando. How handsome! They're from New York in 2000. We'll send them to you"Said the sister of the young people, holding back her tears.

After this nice gesture, Rocío Carrasco continued to open another of the boxes in which she ran into various belongings of José and Gloria. In addition, he also found several notebooks and writings of the then children, which decided to keep private and put them back in the boxes to send them to you. "I give it to them that is from their childhood and their parents", assured.


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