Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

This is the first image of a black hole

This is the first image of a black hole

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The first real image of a black hole has been presented this April 10. It is the black hole M87, located in the constellation of Virgo, 1,500 times larger than that of the Milky Way.

The historic photograph, obtained from a network of eight observatories located in different parts of the world, consists of a ring with one half more luminous than the other, which corresponds to the supermassive black hole located in the center of the galaxy M87, 53.3 million light years from Earth.

The image has been presented simultaneously in six press conferences organized around the world to present the first results of the EHT project (Event Horizon Telescope).

This scientific collaboration takes two years analyzing data obtained by a large terrestrial virtual telescope formed by eight observatories on four continents.

Obtaining the image of a black hole - an exotic object that concentrates mass to a density that produces a gravitational field of such force that not even light can escape - will ultimately validate or modify the Theory of General Relativity of Einstein, being put to the test in this extreme environment.


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